Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Studio

I've taken over Judah's old room! I decided I was too tired to repaint so blue it will remain. I added pink curtains for a girly flair and am still working to pull the room together. So far I think it is wonderful.

A glimpse into the room from the door - yes I sit on a little kid chair (any ideas to make it match? Maybe a chair cover?!). It helps me because I don't have to lean down when I stamp - I sit at just the perfect level! The dresser is home to family momentos, small gifts that I save throughout the year. The table to the right of the dresser is my sewing machine; it is hidden inside the top. I have never used it, waaaah! I need to be taught how to use it.

 The closet - I moved my clothes and bags to this closet as well as my supplies, notebooks, etc. And apparently the cat! LOL! Our master bedroom closet is way too tiny (yes, tinier than this one here!!!) so I gave that closet to Daniel and I am using this one; part personal but mostly business stuff. It feels SUPER weird to have my stuff split between two rooms.

 My "work bench" is an antique dry sink. I actually tried to sell it several years ago when it was unpainted without any takers. Finally I painted it black, added pink glass knobs to the drawer and cabinet and decided to use it for my business - couldn't be happier! It's the perfect work table for what I do. It has four shelves, a cabinet with a shelf and a drawer - you can see it is quite full of stuff I need to create my creations! The tall shelf to the left of my dry sink holds even more alphabet stamps, my pens/pencils/scissors and all those white boxes are FULL of charms! I am a charmaholic.

My other work table. This is where I piece everything together and package items up. The little drawers house all my birthstones, crystals, beads, chains, etc. I found that sewing bench (the little seat) on the side of the road - score! It was in perfect condition, newly covered and the seat comes off for storage. The stuff on the walls will be changed to match better and I want a table skirt to hide stuff under the table. I would just put fabric over the whole thing except I really need the surface of the table to remain as-is for what I do. A table skirt will fit the bill... once I find one or convince someone to make me one.

It's slowly but surely coming together! It took my pregnant self about 3 days to move it all.

All in all I'm super stoked to have all this space. It's really echo-y in the room, though, so I do need to get a rug to help deaden some noise. So far I have found nothing online. I'm going for a pink-blue shabby chic Parisian feel and if you know me then you know I like things to go along with the theme so shopping will soon be in order!

I still have moments of feeling guilty for taking a whole room for my business but honestly the kid's bedrooms are predominantly for sleeping and playing - which they all like to do with one another rather than all alone. So I have to shake it off and remind myself that I do this FOR our family, not just myself. Not to mention I really, really, really needed my work stuff separate from my bedroom. I feel I am even sleeping better without all that stuff crammed in our little anteroom in the master bedroom anymore.

As far as how Judah has been doing having moved in with Zoe - the first two nights I seriously questioned my own sanity in moving him. By the third night and on it has been a lot easier and he's falling asleep quicker and quicker each night. He tends to lay there and babble and yell, might cry out spontaneously but then is quiet or back to babbling as if to say, "Hey, you know you left me in here! I'm STILL here!" Having him in there means Zoe stays put instead of wandering to my room AND they're both sleeping in a little later, which is fantastic because their little bodies need the sleep.

And....... on another note! The view from my bedroom window this morning. So pretty!

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