Friday, February 22, 2013

Musical Rooms

So yesterday morning, right after breakfast, I got the itch to put Judah's crib in Zoe's room to let the bedroom-sharing commence. Except his crib wouldn't fit out the door. I took off one side. Still couldn't get it out. Took off the other side... no go! Had to take the whole darn thing apart. It's not an easy crib to put together and take apart (but it's sturdy so it negates the frustration of piecing it together).

Get it in there, proud of my accomplishment and off we go to run errands. A winter storm was on it's way and I wanted to make some returns to the mall (preggo jeans that didn't fit right) and get some milk. The mall was really empty, score! But the grocery store? You would have thought it was the end of the civilized world. Shelves were emptying fast and people were getting crankier and crankier.

Judah missed his nap in all this excitement. Let's just say he's not used to running errands, not during naptime. He slept in the car for an itty bitty bit and was inconsolable when we got home and he was woken up.


And then I thought, "Oh no, I put his crib in Zoe's room already! This wasn't a good day to start the trial run of them sharing a room".

It truly wasn't because putting him to bed later was a nightmare. He was upset, freaked out and confused... and I felt super guilty. If his crib could fit out the door easily I would have just pushed it back to his room and waited to have them share a room until he understood a little better about what was going on. Once he was finally asleep he stayed asleep through the night, though.

Nap today he fussed for a few minutes and went to sleep really well. But again, tonight, it was hard getting him settled for bed. He was a little freaked out to find his bed in another room. He went from sleeping in a pitch black room, alone, to sleeping in a room with his sister and her stuffed animal that projects stars on the ceiling and the hall light shining in the room.

I thought if they were going to share a room together we should do it sooner rather than later thinking he'd forget it was his room and move on... Then again we stopped breastfeeding months ago and he stills pats my chest and says "Bee-bees?" In fact just today he lunged at me with his mouth open and tried to attack me through my shirt. Silly, silly boy!!! Who says babies don't have memories?!

*I keep forgetting to bring the cord to my phone up to bed with me when I post or I'd have pretty pictures to post along. I can't get my phone to sync with Blogger here.

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The Mommy said...

Hope Judah gets used to his new room quickly and easily! these transitions can be tough, but I think it's best to do it well before the new baby arrives.