Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday Happenings

We officially "hired" the homebirth midwife (MW for short) and I had my first appointment with her today. Judah has had diarrhea for five days straight so Daddy stayed home with him and I took our three girlies to the appointment. We meet at the MW's home. Elaina exclaimed about fifty times, "Her house is so nice and beautiful!" We live in a historical neighborhood so all the houses here are OLD (mine was built in 1909) but our MW has a nice little suburban home so maybe that's why Elaina was so caught off guard?

They got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time. The MW let Zoe wipe the goop off my belly and had Abigail help her put the doppler away. She was so sweet to involve them and get them excited about their newest sibling.

I just have to say again how stoked I am. Not only that but this MW is so relational. I find it really hard to meet new people and open up, especially with other women. She just has this natural ability to draw you in and you're just so comfortable. None of us really wanted to leave, Zoe even cried about leaving her house.

In my personal experience the difference between OB care, hospital MW care and a home birth MW is this: when a homebirth MW says she spends 45-minutes with you she spends 45-minutes with you. There's no checking over the chart as she walks into the room to remind herself of who you are. No, she sits there on the couch next to you with a cup of tea and talks to you about anything and everything, not just the pregnancy. She gets to know YOU. She gets to know your kids and your husband/partner. It is still a professional relationship so even if you feel like besties forever it is rare that a MW/patient relationship extends personally beyond the postpartum care - it's a unique dynamic!

She made sure to ask me if I had ever been violated in my life because women who have been molested or raped tend to have a hard time with the vulnerability of labor and birth. I told her I hadn't but I understood why she asked me and I appreciated that she asked. To her birth isn't just physical - it's emotional, spiritual and psychological as well. I know other medical providers are beginning to ask the same question and be more sensitive to women who may not even realize that their fear of birth is linked to violation from their past. 

She's got a Texas drawl so when I left I noticed a little more prominent twang to my speech (but I am from Iowa and it seems a lot of the Iowan accent is similar to a Texan one anyway - I've said "y'all" since I was a kid though I don't say it quite as much as an adult it still comes up from time-to-time). There are a lot of words I say with a country accent that my husband makes fun of me for so let's just say it was worse when I got home, ha ha!

She felt around my belly and found baby's feet up high. We had good laughs. At one point she looks at me and says, "Oh we're gonna have fun!" I think so, too!  Though most of today was doing the preliminary paperwork (medical history) so I look forward to the coming appointments when we daydream together about the birth day and can spend more time and focus on that.

Aside from the appointment my little (errr big) family did some spring cleaning today. Man I am so wiped out after not accomplishing much! But I guess when I look at the overall day I did do a lot. It just doesn't *feel* like I did. Daniel and I filled two LARGE 33 (or is it 45)-gallon trash bags with clothes we don't wear, won't wear. Our closet is pretty much empty and his drawers are not stuffed to the gills anymore. Now if only I could get him to clean his dresser-top and nightstand, oy! I feel like I live with a teen boy sometimes.

I love purging my home! But I have to wonder where the heck it all comes from. I feel like I have a thrift store bag (or two) every week.

What I did today (my Retro To Do List to make me feel better):
-Cleaned the kitchen
-Cleaned out master bedroom closet
-Fixed the bar in Judah's closet
-Washed, dried, folded and put away laundry
-MW Appt.
-Made a home-cooked dinner
-Did a bit of homeschool work
-Packaged up completed jewelry orders
-Finally plugged in my essential oil diffuser (AMAZING)

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