Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sonogram, Take 1

Well we were supposed to have our fetal survey sonogram tomorrow (the mid-pregnancy sonogram where they make sure everything is well with baby and that's when most parents find out the gender). But we have a winter weather advisory in effect until just a little bit before we'd leave for the appointment. I'm a nervous ninny. I'll admit it. I do not like bad weather and I don't like driving. Put them together and I really don't like driving in bad weather. So I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm sure my husband would like to put me to sleep for some car rides but he's actually the one who asked me to reschedule because even he didn't want to drive in it (it rained all day today so it'll be a sheet of ice under the snow).

So when we DO get that sonogram we're going to do something a little fun! I got the idea from this online company I stumbled upon. How it works is the sonogram tech will send this company a letter with the gender of the baby. Then this company puts together gender-specific clothing for your little one and ships it in time to arrive a few weeks before your due date so you're not left with gender neutral or scrambling to get clothes once your baby arrives. Neat huh?!

Well... the prices were ridiculous. $40 for one sleeper?! No thank you! I'm super frugal. I could get like 6 sleepers for that much, more if I thrift (don't hate - I have found brand new awesome at thrift stores).

So I decided to make my own letter so the sonographer can select the gender (if baby cooperates) and instead we're going to send that information to my sister. I already have the pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelope. All the sonogram tech has to do is watch me sign the paper releasing them from liability in the event the gender is wrong, they can select the gender they determine from the scan (without me looking, eek! Suspense!), they can make a copy for themselves for their file and then they send it off to her in my prepared envelope! (Remember we were told Judah was a girl at his 20-week sonogram! They can be wrong and while I would never sue for a wrong guess I know it'll give the imaging center peace of mind to have the signed letter.)

We do have little ones and we have stuff for each gender. But all the itty bitty newborn stuff? I think I got rid of it all. So after the sonogram I'm going to go through everything, send sissy a list of what we need and some money to get me gender-specific goodies that she'll ship to us before the birth so we are ready-to-go! I will have to be a good girl and not peek in the boxes.

I like involving my sister like this, too, because we don't live close to each other. Our kiddos don't get to grow up together and we haven't been there for each others' babies' births. And she can lord it over me as big sisters love to do! Ha ha, I tease! She's awesome and I know she will pick out stuff that is my taste. She's already been sworn to not tell another living soul and to not tease me or give hints.

Like my idea? I don't mind if you borrow it one bit (well partly because it is not my original idea but even if it was I wouldn't mind).


The Mommy said...

I think this is a great idea! It will be so neat for her to be such a big part of it, even though she isn't there.

Ashley said...

Awesome idea!!!

Karri said...

That's super neat, Joy!