Friday, January 4, 2013


I am a rambler so enjoy my rambling thoughts on my pregnancy in bullet points!
17-weeks pregnant with our surprise!

-No preparation at all except we have a girl name. We still need to figure out a boy name. We're NOT finding out the gender of Little One before the birth. We will be having our third "au naturel birth" and I am really looking forward to the moments after the marathon of labor when I find out if I've been carrying our son or daughter! How precious is that?! I think it will be a huge motivation in labor, too. Though it's not easy waiting. My mid-pregnancy sonogram will be this month and it will be hard to not want to sneak a peak!!!

-I'm still in disbelief?! It's still surreal. I look down, see the bump and go "Oh yeah..." Cannot wait to start feeling those baby movements. Excited for the sonogram so I can see them again and make this all seem more concrete!

-More about preparation: how on earth does one prepare when they aren't finding out the gender?! I have tons of boy and girl clothes for all ages and stages. I also have cloth diapers for both genders. Do I just wash it all? Wash a little bit from each gender and then wash the rest after they're born and I know if they will be donning frills or rocking skulls? I wash before I stash anyway but they get "storage smell". As far as rooms go I usually paint and decorate the nursery but I don't want to do it without knowing who they are (and we co-sleep the first half of their year anyway but no idea where to put their clothes!!!). Tons of time but if you've waited to find out the gender what did you do?!

-I daydream (and nightdream) about the birth. I would really love to have the baby standing/squatting. That is how I envision it in my mind. Sometimes squatting with one knee on the ground for support, catching them in my own hands... sometimes I envision standing beside the bed, reaching down and pulling them up as they're born... My last birth I wanted a water birth but kind of had a feeling it might not happen (it didn't happen; had him on the bed, on my hands-and-knees just moments after getting out of the tub because I couldn't handle the sensation of the water anymore. You can read his birth story HERE and see pics).

I have ideals and preferences just as any mother in regard to the birth but I also know things don't always go as we envision so I'm ready to roll with it. Still I think our minds are powerful and I want to think and pray positively about my body and this birth so that is my focus. However when I'm dreaming I'm birthing my baby, pulling them to me and announcing their gender - so freaking awesome!

-Apparently I moan in my sleep. Hubby thinks it is sexy moaning (see symptoms below: has more to do with back and hip discomfort as I've been somewhat awake and heard myself make the noise and it's always in discomfort). Please remind me to not fall asleep this pregnancy around anyone! They're going to think I'm one big dreaming nympho.

-It seems when I get a craving I get it bad. And then once I have the food I take a few bites and it is just not cutting it. It's not as satisfactory as I am wanting it to be. My taste buds are on strike I tell ya! My biggest craving is deli sandwiches and salads (most often this DOES hit the spot so I guess not all my cravings are a bust). My sweet tooth is dying (makes me think boy) but I cannot eat meat unless I pretend I'm eating something else or eat it as fast as I can before I feel nauseated by it (which makes me think girl).


I am taking prenatal (sometimes I just eat my daughters' gummy vitamins, I admit!)
Vitamin D3 (my levels were really low)
Raspberry Leaf Tea and/or Capsules
*I will be adding Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) later in the 3rd Trimester to help with preparation for labor. 

I still feel nauseated, especially in the morning.
No puking at all, PTL!
Discomfort in hips, lower back, etc.
Insomnia but once I'm out good luck getting me up!
No more bloating/cramps. Replaced by a firmer bump that's just under the ol' belly button.
Skin was breaking out but seems to have calmed down.
Fatigue (thanks Insomnia, you're partly to blame)

I think we're having another girl.

BUT I have symptoms from my pregnancies with my daughters and my pregnancy with my son so it will honestly be an absolute surprise.

I'll put up a poll for your guesses the beginning of June!


Photogrl said...

We didn't find out what we were having with our oldest...I loved the waiting game, but it drove others crazy!

I'd probably just wash up some newborn clothes in both genders, just to get you started.

Still super excited for you!

Susan Sene said...

We aren't planning to find out with this baby. I NEVER thought I could do that. But the more people I talked to who have done it, the more I thought it'd be really fun - especially to have that great surprise after all that hard work of labor! I've been wondering what to do for clothes too. I think I'll end up borrowing some from my sister in law if it's a boy (obviously we have plenty for a girl). :) I'll be interested to see if your girl guess is right. I don't have much of a guess. I would like a boy just because I'd like to experience having a son. But I'd also love another girl - it's what I'm used to and love right now. :)