Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Real quick I had to update with our Monday sonogram! Measured 8 weeks 3 days, right on time for the dates *I* calculated (not based on LMP as I have longer cycles). Such a relief to have seen a heartbeat and baby! And still so surreal. Doesn't matter how many times you experience it. It's such a jolt and shock to realize there's someone in there.

Now this preggo is off to take the Progesterone pill and go snooze!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


My last post I revealed we are having baby #5, due in mid-June, 2013! Monday is my first sonogram and I will be in week 8 of pregnancy so I hope we see a little jelly bean (I'm 8 weeks 1 day right now).

I found out really, really early thanks to First Response Early Result tests. My first beta was 24, the second 2-days later was 65. My Progesterone, however, started out at 7.6 or 7.9 (I forget; I wrote it down in my journal) which is really low. When you ovulate it is around 10 and when you're pregnant it is usually 12-20 or more (it fluctuates throughout the day and is different for everyone).

So I'm on Progesterone supplements. I had a third beta drawn and I think it was 365 (four days from the last draw of 65). I need to go grab my journal, ha ha! I can't remember off the top of my head. Whatever it was, everything was rising appropriately. My Prog. was over 14 after starting supplements, so that is good.

What happens if Progesterone is too low? Your brain gets the signal that you're "not pregnant" and will begin menstruation. In other words, your body will miscarry even if you're truly pregnant with a viable little embryo, because your body isn't producing the proper hormone (Progesterone) to tell it otherwise. 

The placenta will develop around week 10-12, maybe even a little sooner. When that happens it takes over the production of the Progesterone so no more supplements, yay!

Okay, enough of Conception 101.

The Progesterone makes me feel drunk. Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy! And sleepy. Sometimes ill. Not every night but I think it's worse on the nights when my Prog. may have dipped lower than usual during the day.

Besides that the cramping has lessened. I'm bloated in the belly by the end of the day and I look 4-months pregnant. I'm still breastfeeding Judah so it's easier to notice the tenderness. Nausea comes and goes in waves but I haven't thrown up, thank God. Seriously! I hate vomiting with a passion.

All-in-all I'm pregnant and definitely feeling the effects of it, ha ha! Despite that it is still super surreal.

We are not finding out the gender this time.
We have a girl name picked out but still debating boy names.
Boy names are harder for me.