Thursday, October 4, 2012


Most experts will tell us new and unsuspecting mommas to develop what is termed a "bedtime routine". The same old thing every single night in order to pacify and lull your baby or child to sleep. Well we've had the same old bedtime routine for the past 7 years and we still have bedtime battles.

Judah, until recently, would fight going to sleep. I got him a nightlight and it's been better since that, though some nights he still can throw an awful fit if he's teething or not ready to lay down.

Zoe likes to come into my room around 2-3 in the morning and snuggles into my arm. Some nights she fights going to sleep, too, or sneaks up to her big sisters' room. I'll be nursing Judah in the glider in his room and see her peek around the corner to see if she's clear to sneak upstairs to her sisters.

The big girls, in their shared studio-style room, can lay awake giggling, fighting, laughing, talking, singing, getting up and pounding around... much to my dismay as it wakes up the younger ones *finally* asleep beneath their room.

My kids have the same routine, night after night. Dinner, free play, bath, brush teeth and hair (not with the same brushes, mind you), books, prayer, hugs and bed. But most nights it doesn't really seem to matter. For some odd reason it's always a SURPRISE when bedtime hits that they will be going to sleep!

Pics of Daddy and his boy from our trip to the pumpkin patch last night:

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