Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 2!

Last week we started homeschool! It's been very interesting and we definitely have our work cut out for us. Already I am seeing what needs tweaking and trying to make it all work so that everyone's needs are met. My next post will be a list and photos of products that have made my life easier as a homeschooling parent. For today I leave a bunch of pictures (which uploaded backward and I'm too tired to switch them around in this Blogger format).

Our classroom on a typical morning! Complete with infant-soon-to-be-toddler interrupting our spelling on the white board. We are using Sequential Spelling and I love it so much. It's easy for me to use and easy for Elaina to grasp spelling concepts without all the confusing rules (that will come later after she grasps the main concepts of -ed, -ing, -er, -s, -es, etc.). Highly recommend it for those who want to challenge their spellers OR have children struggling with spelling.

There is lots of this (and not just from him but everyone at some point!):

My lefty? He has favored his left hand for months now in fine and large motor functions! I'm left-handed so I thought it'd be cool to have at least one lefty.

In Social Studies we're using Bob Jones Heritage Series but the text is not very complete; it has to be supplemented. So the first few pages were about the globe (continents, mapping, compass rose, landforms and bodies of water). We started with the compass rose and my girls used their individual white boards to write their compasses from memory after our discussion! So proud of them, especially as Elaina got the diagonal directions correct as well. We're going to start learning about different types of landforms this week and from there move onto bodies of water, mapping and map keys.

The girls are also doing research projects on an historical figure of their choice. Elaina chose Helen Keller and Abigail chose George Washington!

In Science we are using Apologia books (I have three, starting with Anatomy). However, and this is where some tweaking came in. I had noticed that my girls were really into insects because we studied cicadas recently so we decided to do a big insect lesson for the first two weeks. Zoe made a book on insects. We looked at a slideshow on information on insects and then did a sorting project.

Nonna made bread pudding for breakfast. Rise-and-shine students!

First Day of School, sitting around the dining table. The Sorting Pie that Zoe has is from Amazon and is so much fun (even for me!). I highly recommend it whether you homeschool or not. Kids can use it independently and quietly!

I didn't post the picture of Elaina unhappily working on math so I'll just say - not really liking Singapore Math thus far but I think Elaina needs more challenge. I had her start on the book for 1st grade to reinforce some ideas but I think it is boring her which is making her act out and be uncooperative. We're going to try something else tomorrow.

We haven't really delved into a consistent routine with PE or Art or Music. I'm kind of overwhelmed with starting out so we're taking our time. If I get too ahead of myself I begin to feel defeated before I've even begun so we're going day-by-day. By midday or the end of the day I already know an idea of what we'll be doing the next day. I want to plan enough in advance so that if I get sick Daddy knows where we're at or at least create a "sub" folder for him.

We are planning a zoo field trip and a cave field trip with some family so that is going to be really fun! I want to visit a farm so we'll probably try to do that here in September or early October.


Anne Elizabeth said...

We should go to Deanna Rose farmstead together! A went on a field trip there the year before last and it was so much fun. He even had "school" in the old school house. I believe it is cheaper on Tuesdays, but I can't remember for sure. I haven't delved into a consistent routine with PE, Art or Music yet so it makes me feel better to hear you haven't yet either, lol. I figure that will come once I sorta get the hang of things right?! Loved all the pictures. I'd like to look at the spelling book in person sometime. :)

Tasha Via said...

Look at you with your 4 sweet kiddos?! And homeschooling!!!

Of course I remember you. How the heck are you? Looks like you are doing good:)

So good to hear from you!