Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sanity Saving Items for Homeschool

Whether you homeschool or supplement your child's public education here is a list of products that I have used that have really help save me time and are helping to keep me organized. CLICK PHOTOS TO BE DIRECTED TO PURCHASE/VIEW!

Paper Cutter AKA Paper Guillotine - I actually use this for my work, too, so it is double awesome! Click the photo to go to the one I got on Amazon; it's a really nice one and had great reviews. So far I really like it and use it a lot!
Three-hole Punch - Need I say more?! Lots of papers to punch and file!

Scheduling Pocket Chart - This is more of a 'want' than a 'need' and mine just arrived. I need a schedule and routine or I lose focus, forget what needs to get done, etc. I have found this helps keep us on target so we can get work done AND still have time for fun. Before this I felt a little chaotic and felt like we dallied so long on one subject that we didn't get to touch other subjects. It would be 4:30 in the afternoon and Elaina will tell me, "Mom, we didn't do Social Studies today!!!" and demand we do it (it's her favorite subject). It's okay to take your time, it's okay to not do every single subject every single school day. What I mean is that this just helps us keep it all balanced.

Laser printer - I print a ton for school and for my business so a laser printer was in order. I saved up and finally got one a couple months ago.

White Erase Board - this is a new addition to the classroom after realizing I really needed and wanted one the first week of school. It has been a blessing to have!

Individual ones are awesome, too! The kids love to write on theirs. We store them on the fridge since they come with magnets you adhere to the back. Each has it's own pen with eraser on the marker cap.
Here are some fun things we've added over time.

Puzzle Map of the United States. This particular one is really large!

 Sorting Pie by Learning Resources

Well those are just a few of the things that we love or have made school a little easier, aside from lots of pencils, erasers and binders. For myself I keep record of credits/hours on the computer but during the day as we work I keep a binder filled with paper and I jot down notes and things. I don't really have a planner. While the schedule above helps me keep things together and I *love* planning... putting myself in too tight a box stresses me out. I don't write down anything like "The theme of the week is circles and the color orange" because then I think I have to do that and nothing else (it's ridiculous really but I really do stress like that!). So I find that we just naturally do things per the season, holidays, or what the kids are interested in.

What are your must-haves?! Share, share, share! I really want to know!

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*~Chelsea~* said...

I love reading about your homeschooling adventures! I just added all those things to an Amazon wishlist entitled: "Homeschooling" haha! I have no idea if I will do that, but I do plan to start Olivia early before public school begins. I think her elementary school will be good here (it's brand new and is, so far, well rated but only time will tell), her middle school is fine but the high school in our district I don't want her going to. It's huge and I haven't heard good things. So we plan to move by then and, if not (I highly doubt we'll be here in 14 years but it's possible), I'll home school her. Thanks for taking us all along on your journey! You are doing AWESOME, Joysters!!!