Monday, August 6, 2012

Splurge on the Washable!

Last fall I was perusing the school items. I wanted some more items for our own art center at home. Our markers had long ago dried out, crayons were little stubbles. I stop to look at the markers. Hmm... $.50 for regular markers or $2.50 for washable? Well DUH! Miss Thrifty is going to get the cheap ones.

Bad idea.

At least when you have a 2-year-old. In fact markers are a bad idea all around when you have a 2-year-old because they lose the caps or can't get them on correctly. Then they decide they need tattoos just like Daddy... and then the chairs and walls feel left out and want "tattoos" as well. Even if you're standing right there you will lose the caps and find lovely scribbles everywhere when you finally stop daydreaming and look around. 

Anyway back to the washable bit. If you're going to brave getting markers with a young toddler who loves some mischief SPLURGE.That is unless you love freedom of expression even at the cost of your furnishings (heck I still haven't cleaned the wall OR floor she colored on... my Magic Eraser is around here somewhere...).

On a whole other topic I love Sharpies. I have a ton of them and in a huge assortment of colors. You can now buy fun, funky colors individually at Walmart in the Office Supplies section. *swoon!* Previously mentioned 2-year-old got a hold of one of my dark blue Sharpies and colored on my hardwood floor, the wall, scribbled all over the diaper pail (I use a tall kitchen trashcan with lid)... and then she drew a lovely tattoo on the top of her brother's head all in a matter of about 45 seconds while I stood right there. Judah looked like he was about to go into neuro-surgery (and I don't joke like that disrespectfully; I seriously thought if I went out people might ask me if he had just been at the hospital!).

Oh I love my daughter. I love her spunk. I really don't mind grey hair. I think it's super sophisticated. So I guess I'm going to look really sophisticated.

Today she found a bottle of blue acrylic paint (what is with her and blue?!) to have some fun with while I vacuumed out the couch... paint she opened without permission and not at the table... Grey hair suits me...


BrandiH said...

I love Crayola's Wonder Color stuff! It's a little pricey for the coloring pages and paper, but I never have to wash walls, floors, furniture or bodies!

The Mommy said...

I agree that she sounds like a good candidate for Color Wonder! We have been fairly lucky with markers, but we also know how to get it off of lots of surfaces.

*~Chelsea~* said...

Oh, Lord!!! Such to look forward with Livi Bean! ;-) I am saving all of my expensive scrapbooking stuff for her to play with because, after years of scrapbooking, I have decided that digital scrapbooks are the way to go. Much nicer look, in my opinion, a lot less mess, and even if you get an expensive one it's a lot cheaper than making a scrapbook by hand. Soooo...I have probably over $1,000 worth of scrapbooking stuff I won't use. I figured when she's a little older she will love the paper, stickers, etc. I will remember what you said about washable markers! Good idea!