Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sometimes I have no clue what to put here...


My kids may have squabbles (even Judah can get upset at his siblings from time-to-time!) but they also love one another with such a strong bond. They can pick on each other but no one else can pick on their sibling!

I'm praying they behave in church tomorrow. Daniel's tattoo guy might come (and no, not out to impress anyone - I just don't want my kids to be disrespectful) and he promised his dad he'd "seek God" when his dad was on his deathbed. He said to Daniel "I'm not a perfect f-ing Christian..." None of us are, dude. None of us are! Otherwise there would have been no need for Calvary.

Speaking of tattoos... we went to a parlor and I had my eyebrow repierced. I have been wanting to get it redone for a few years and finally did it. I didn't even feel it because the scar tissue was so strong there were no nerve endings. It kind of stings right now but is otherwise fantastic.

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*~Chelsea~* said...

What cuties! Cool piercing, Joysters!!