Friday, August 24, 2012

Sleep... what is that again?!

Seriously what is sleep? I don't think I could sleep in anymore even if I tried. I am a girl who loves her sleep. I am a bear when I wake up (I know! Hard to believe, right?). But the falling to sleep part is hard for me. I will be about to pass out at 9 and then get up to my room and it's like a switch! No longer tired. Once I am out I like to stay out, for obvious reasons! Sleep is awesome, pure and simple.

And Judah has not slept well at all this week. I don't know what is up with that but he'll wake up not long after he is put in his room to sleep, then he wakes again around midnight, sometimes again around 5 or 6 but usually he whines himself back to sleep (not full-out crying; I just hear him soothingly moaning or making noises before all is silent again). The little guy has already exceeded the amount of teeth his sisters had by their first birthdays (he's 11-months-old tomorrow, eek!) but I think he's working on tooth #8 now. As bad as it has been with the front teeth coming in I dread the molars coming in! He will also wake up and get upset the moment I start to drift off or am so tired I feel ill.

On a happier note, it finally rained... for all of 10 minutes! We went outside to breathe in the musky scent of the rain and splash in tiny puddles... now if only we could have several days of nonstop rain to quench the land...

 Elaina thinking, "It's actually raining?! Unbelievable!"

 Splash, splash... this may not be a great idea!

Nope, not a great idea! Crying about the mud all over her feet. Everyone calls Abbie a tomboy but she's not in the least. I do not know why they assume that when she loves all things glittery, shoes, purses and makeup and unicorns... she's a total girly-girl!

The pajama pants she's wearing are ones she sewed, too! My mom-in-law cut the fabric but Abbie sewed them up with the machine (and Nonna's help). Elaina also made a pair.

Miss Cutie Pie!

Okay now I am off to try to catch what precious few Zzz's that I can! A nap may be in order tomorrow (errr I mean later today! Past midnight already!). Thank the Lord that my husband doesn't work Fridays so he can have some time with kiddos so I can catch up on rest.

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The Mommy said...

My girls love to play in the rain too! Ellie starts asking if she can take a bath when we go in as soon as she gets the slightest bit dirty! That girl likes to be clean!