Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our 2012-2013 Curriculum for Homeschool

Here is our list for homeschool for the 2012-2013! These are simply the curricula chosen for each core but we will be using a ton of field trips, hands-on experience, exploration & discovery, lapbooks, research and printables as well. It may seem like a lot when broken down but things like Spelling only take like 10 minutes a day so it goes by quick. You may notice I like mixing things up. I did hours of research to find the curriculum I thought would suit us best. I used HomeschoolClassifieds.com to find gently used books and workbooks at more affordable rates plus there are unlimited free resources online. I especially love, love, love teacherspayteachers.com!

Elaina - Grade 2
Math - Singapore Math; Mind Benders
Science - Apologia Anatomy
Social Studies - Mystery of History (World History), Beautiful Feet Early American History
Bible - Children's Bible and Rod & Staff books
Handwriting - D'Nealian Handwriting
Spelling - Sequential Spelling
Grammar and Writing - Bob Jones University
Language Arts - Learning LA Through Lit
Health - Horizons
Foreign Language - French and Latin (will add these later; not doing them at first)

Abigail - Grade K
Math - Christ Centered Math Lessons
Science - Apologia Anatomy
Social Studies -Mystery of History (World History), Beautiful Feet Early American History
Bible - Children's Bible and Rod & Staff books (also counts toward language arts).
Handwriting - D'Nealian Handwriting
Language Arts - Learning LA Through Lit, Rod & Staff, McGuffey Primer
Health - Horizons
Foreign Language - French and Latin (will add these later; not doing them at first)

Zoe - Grade PreK
She's not yet 3 so I have found some preschool workbooks at Walmart. She'll also be learning alongside her sisters and will participate in art, PE, cooking, cleaning, etc. We have a lot of manipulatives and sensory items, blocks, counting bears, etc. She will not be lacking nor left out and I suspect she'll be reading earlier than her siblings (not that it is a contest whatsoever; it's just the exposure to having school at home and the fact that she is one smart girl).

For non-core subjects we'll be able to count chores and other home lessons like cooking and laundry sorting. A ton of life skills, even grocery shopping, can count toward non-core hours depending on what the child is doing. 

ART - We have several resources, books and Internet to explore art. Art will be intermixed within lessons anyway but we will have specific times solely for creative expression through paint, mixed media, coloring, learning about artists, etc. We will also learn art history, visit museums, etc.

PE - I want to enroll the girls in dance or gymnastics if I can find an affordable place and when we get a second vehicle. If I can't afford dance or gymnastics I'll see about a membership to a local fitness club where they have an indoor pool. We are doing a summer challenge and we're only a few points away from the girls earning a swingset for the backyard. We all have bikes and/or scooters. We also like to workout to fitness videos.

MUSIC - This is Daddy's department. I don't have a musical bone in my body. Daddy is a self-taught guitarist and vocalist. Nonna sings and plays guitar. Uncles play guitar and one plays piano/keyboard. We're not lacking for musical inspiration whatsoever! When I am in charge, though, we'll talk about musicians, types of instruments, history of music, make our own instruments, song writing, etc. Daddy will teach the actual instruments if any of the girls desire to learn and vocals.

Our scheduled lessons will be Monday through Thursday. 
Friday is open for make-up work, hanging out with us totally awesome parents (Dad doesn't work Fridays), field trips or day trips, chores or non-core like music, etc.

Our vision is that learning is normal and a part of our every day lives. There's no 9 to 5 about it. We learn throughout the day as we learn new things and make discovered, work as a family unit, etc.

So here's a sample schedule for a Monday though I know things can and will change:
7:30AM - Wake up and breakfast
8:00AM - Back upstairs to get dressed, make beds, showers.
8:30AM - Math
9:00AM - Spelling, Handwriting, Grammar
9:30AM - Science
10:00AM - SNACK
10:30AM - History, Social Studies
11:30AM - Cleanup and prepare LUNCH
12:30PM - Reading, quiet time, rest time
1:30PM - PE
2:30PM - LLATL, Writing Workshop
3:00PM - SNACK and free play
4:00PM - Start dinner prep
5:00 - DINNER

It won't be so strict and I know the time constraints are best guesses. Some things may take longer or shorter amounts of times.  Some subjects will not be daily, too. The food times are accurate though. Most of the time we may get done before lunch though I suspect that with having a baby AND a toddler that won't be the case until we get into our groove.

Please share a link to your own curriculum if you're homeschooling! If you're free-styling school or making it all up on your own then I take my hat off to you. Impressive!

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*~Chelsea~* said...

Omg, how COOL!!! Can you imagine how awesome it would have been for us to be home schooled? My mom would have never been that dedicated, God love her, but that is really neat! Do you have to work with the school district for approval on your curriculum or how does it work? That is so, so neat, Joysters and I admire your dedication! Your kiddos are so lucky to have you!