Thursday, August 2, 2012

It arrived!

The day after I posted about Wittlebee I came home from grocery shopping to find our box on the front porch. I couldn't feed the kids lunch fast enough so we could get into the box!

This is how it arrives (the shipping label was on the other side).

When you open the box you see either pink tissue paper (for girl boxes) or blue (for boys)! This box was for my almost-3-year-old daughter, Zoe. 

Look at how cute and colorful! There's a fun little beehive sticker, too. 

By far my favorite are the dresses. We have a Jenny & Me dress (left) and a Twynkle Toes Button Nose dress (right). Each dress came with a pair of matching legging pants (below).

Jenny & Me dress retails for about $25.
Twynkle Toes Button Nose dress retails for about $25.

I did ask for no long sleeves or pants but I decided to keep the left pair because it matches the Jenny & Me dress so she can wear it into the fall. The other two pants will be returned and replaced.
Brands in order from left to right: Tea Collection, Deux Par Deux and American Apparel.

Value of the leggings in order from left to right: $24, $24 and $12.

This is a Greggy Girl set! I am not a big beach, bird, flamingo person but Zoe absolutely loves this outfit and insisted on wearing it first. Her clothes should make her happy and I'm so glad this outfit makes her happy! Her big sisters squealed when they saw it.

This outfit retails for about $36 when compared to similar items by Greggy Girl.

Our clothes! Not too shabby at all. You can select up to three colors so I chose pink, green and black!

There is also an American Apparel shirt (just a plain pink shirt) that missed the photo-op and retails for $11.

 Zoe loves her Greggy Girl clothes!

Twynkle Toes Button Nose is oh-so adorable!

Today Zoe is wearing her Jenny & Me (by Kahn Lucas) dress! It's so adorable. I love the big bow!

TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: about $157 (give or take, had to guess on some clothes as you can't find them online so I found similar clothing in design by the designers and averaged it). $157 worth of clothes for only $40 shipped?

Please click HERE to get your own box from Wittlebee and save $10 off your first box. Each household can have two boxes at a time.


Kristy said...

I joined based on your recommendation! Can not wait to get my first box. However I will be sad that my 5 year old will outgrow it in the next year, but excited anyways!

The Mommy said...

I LOVE this! My girls are both SO picky right now, but I just love this idea and all of the clothes too. Zoe looks adorable in her favorite dress. (And how can she be almost three???)

*~Chelsea~* said...

How cool, Joysters!!! She looks SO pretty and SO grown up! Oh my gosh! Where is the time going?? LOVE all of her new clothes!

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Yay, thanks to those that signed up with my link!!! Thank you, thank you! I hope you come back and leave me a link if you post about your own box so I can see!!!