Monday, August 13, 2012

Almost Ready!

For many school-aged children today was the first day of school for the new school year. But we haven't begun just yet, officially anyway. I've been trying to prepare and plan lessons in the midst of being present and mindful with my children and as well as trying to juggle my jewelry business. Um, yeah, don't know how people juggle so many things. Not only am I a full-time mom and full-time jeweler but I'm adding full-time teacher to my resume. I'm not a good juggler. I'm good with one big responsibility but adding more makes me divide my attention or makes me forgetful of other tasks that I need to get done. Daunting is an understatement.

I recently rearranged part of our house to accommodate our learning!

 This is our parlor. It used to just be a sitting room (just a couch and that green armchair that is on the right side). The rug is new, the bookcase is used but new to our house. The desk was found on the side of the road (score!), the desk chair from the thrift store. I've replaced the pink crates with those canvas bins in dark plum and grey.

This is a shot from the dining room; we'll mainly be using the parlor and the dining room for seat work and book work and reading.  The rest of learning will be outdoors, field trips, etc.

Just got out weather chart laminated and up! I would site where I got them from but I can't remember. It's an online printable from but I can't find the specific teacher who created it.
So I'm one of those wanna-be-super-organized people and I'm trying to get it all together before we begin school so we're ready. Really all that is left to do is create our lesson plans for each day. We'll be doing school Monday through Thursday. Friday will be make-up work, field trips, time with Daddy, etc. Deja vu - I think I mentioned this in my last post, ha ha!

Anyone else let their children get into things so you can get something done?! LOL! Someone left the game cabinet open... oops!


The Mommy said...

We have school Monday through Thursday too. Friday is a day for extra creative activities or special projects and Maggie also does a few on-line classes through Lesson Pathways (free).

Susan Sene said...

I love that you are so transparent - I'm not that super creative mom and when I homeschool, I'm afraid it will be boring. :)

*~Chelsea~* said...

I love it! You make me want to home school Olivia!!! You are the coolest mom ever, Joysters!