Saturday, July 28, 2012


My oldest daughter, Elaina, has battled ear pain, on and off, for the past two years. These last several months it has gotten so bad she was losing hearing. In school she couldn't hear her teacher. We finally got a referral to the ENT doctor (Ears, Nose, Throat) and after being on the waiting list and going to several appointments she got tubes put in her ears yesterday (Friday).

I was an anxious wreck. I stayed up Thursday night cleaning the house because I was alone, it was quiet and I finally had two free hands (and no little tornadic toddlers or babies in my wake) for once. I woke up and put on a happy face for Elaina, trying to be her calm because I knew she was scared. She decided Daddy would take her and he didn't hesitate to be her hero and protector. I stayed home with the littles with strict instructions that he call me every time something happened.

Oh such a simple procedure and yet... when it is your own child in the surgical suite it's a whole other story. Your mind will play games and you'll fear that your child will be that rare child where something goes wrong.

Everything went perfectly.

Of course!

In fact I heard the van pull into the drive not long after Daddy told me they had taken her back for her surgery (the hospital is really close) and was shocked to see how quick it was. So for other parents that may be going through this soon here is what happened.

Elaina couldn't eat anything after 1:30 in the morning and could have water up to two hours before surgery. Daddy and Elaina got to the Children's hospital and checked in. Not long after they arrived they were called into a private room where Elaina got changed into a gown. Elaina had a lovey from home, a dude doll we named Amadeus and he looks just like Daddy with his glasses and green mohawk. She and Amadeus said goodbye to Daddy and a kind nurse reassured her as she led my trembling Elaina to the surgery room. She helped Elaina get situated on the bed and they gave her the gas mask pretty quick as they knew she was nervous. They scented the gas with strawberries and then asked Elaina if she liked chocolate - of course she does! So they put some chocolate in there as well. Mmmm... chocolate strawberries... and sleepy bliss!

About 10-15 minutes later Elaina was taken into the recovery room, a large room with many beds and curtain partitions. Daddy was called to the recovery room where a very groggy Elaina woke up. She got apple juice, got dressed and came home. She was still glassy-eyed when they got home but it wore off real quick. She ate a giant bowl of blue Jell-O, then some veggie chips and half a PB&J sandwich. She was starving!

She also decided to try on her new Bat Girl costume that I ordered for her for our Autumn Party (instead of Trick-or-Treating). Yes, I think ahead! Anyway you can tell in the picture above she's still a little out of it and has blue lips from the Jell-O! She was like a limp noodle getting into the thing but she really wanted to wear it! Sorry it is sideways.

Believe it or not but this wasn't long after the other picture. She came out of the anesthesia fog pretty quick, had no pain or discomfort either. I thought her ears would be ringing or in pain but they weren't! Her sweet aunt brought her some bright, cheerful flowers which Elaina loved! Elaina got out one of her drinking cups and filled it with water. I told her it was too small for the flowers. So Elaina tried pouring the water in the vase and missed it by a ton but due to the anesthesia she was completely oblivious that she was missing the vase, ha ha! Daniel and I were giggling behind our hands.

After care is easy - we have drops we put in her ears twice a day for three days and no water in her ears for at least three days so sponge baths only. So we're almost done with the aftercare and she'll go back to ENT for a follow-up appointment to make sure everything looks good in her ears. So far she has been able to hear us a lot better (a hearing test she took weeks before surgery had special technology to "cut through the fluid" and we were able to find out her hearing was temporary and only caused by the excess fluid; NO permanent hearing loss, yay!).

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Kristen said...

Poor Eliana! I've heard it's a common procedure, but I can only imagine what it feels like when it's your child going into surgery!

I'm so glad she recovered so quickly! That's awesome!