Monday, July 30, 2012

Living the Dream...

Is anyone else watching the Olympics and reverting back to that young child, sitting close to the big bubble-tube television, in absolute awe, pretending that you are in the great arena with them under those big lights? Little boys and little girls beg for lessons during these wonderful competitions as they watch sports and athleticism they may not ever knew existed before the commencement of the games... Dreams are made when you watch the Olympics. Not dreams of money or fame. But dreams of becoming great, of becoming someone special, of doing something special.

Children don't see the normalcy. They see the glittery leotards, the muscular strength, the poetry in motion. They don't see the hours put in, the blisters, the doctor and chiropractor visits, the lack of life since every spare moment is spent in study or exercise. It's so easy to have an idyllic vision of our human heroes, to want and desire to become just like them and accomplish great things. Fulfilling our dreams takes hard work, determination, grit. It takes spirit!

I still get starry eyes when I watch a young girl do a bazillion back-flips and tucks and swirly-whirly moves on the tumbling floor. Who can resist?! But then four little ones jump on my lap, clamoring for my attention and I know that I am someone special, accomplishing great things, doing the most amazing work every day I live and breathe.

The Olympics look very different from adulthood but I still put on my kid glasses. I enjoy watching the thrill and awe in my children's faces, their delights in the acrobatics of the divers and gymnasts. I call to them when their favorites are on and then I watch my children and I see dreams being made. They may not ever become Olympians (heck, maybe they will! Who am I to say or limit their potential?!) but they can dream. God is a dreamer, He made us dreamers. If nothing else I want to impart to my children to always dream! Even if it seems impossible, try. Even if the work that goes into it goes unrewarded for a long time, dream! Dream what you love. Do what you dream.

Dreams can fade into darkness or come to life, they can change and morph as we change and morph. Dreams dare us to become something new, something better. They challenge us to try new things or seemingly impossibles. Dreams require action in order to become reality. They can be difficult when put in motion but the reward (that gold medal!) is so worth it. Dreams give us a jumping off point... just as the diver steps out onto the diving board before taking the plunge into the waters below. Dreaming is excitement and adrenaline! It gives us life!

I still watch the Olympics through the eyes of my child-self. I have more reality and more life now, I have an idea of the hard work these athletes go through daily. But I still see the glittery leotards and superhuman strength. I still dream and will always dream. This is one dream that won't become my reality but oh the fun and oh the joy! To dream... it is to LIVE.

Are your little patriotic Olympians dreaming big? Are you?!

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De said...

Loved this! I remember watching the Olympics as a child and dreaming of acrobatic exploits, and it spurred action. I spent hours outside practicing cartwheels and back handsprings. It didn't matter that nothing came of it. I felt ALIVE, and full of possibilities because I dared to dream.