Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting School Ready

My Thoughts on School
I guess school is almost here. When did that happen? I thought school got out a week ago! Ahhhh that is the beauty of homeschool. You can have year-round, half days, partial weeks, start here and end there, vacation time anytime. So we plan on starting the day after Labor Day.

I'm starting to gather up all the curriculum I've collected and build our little school. I think there is the vein of thought that runs through every homeschooling parent's mind and that is "Am I going to screw my kids up?" Well I'd rather screw them up than someone else. I jest, I jest! In all seriousness we're going to make mistakes (better to know that going in than to be caught off-guard and let guilt break you down) and then we're going to learn from them and move on.

We have a minivan and the A/C has been busted for the past few summers. We're finally getting it fixed. Once it is fixed and we know how much it ends up being we're considering getting a second car. It'll be the first time we've had two cars in 5 or 6 years.

My Thoughts on the Weather
Rain already!

My Thoughts on Laundry
Enough already! LOL!

I got a front-loader this year when our top-loader fizzled out on us. I love it! It gets my cloth diapers super clean, too. My husband still hasn't hung my outdoor clothesline but it's been so suffocatingly hot it's not a HUGE deal though I really would like it up THIS year. (*hint, hint*)

My Thoughts on Babies
Now those who have followed my blog since the beginning (in other words the When Does Daddy Come Home?! blog that didn't have the number 2 in the URL! But also this blog here, too) knows that I love babies. I love birth. I am what one might call a 'birth junkie' (can't get enough of birth-related information and topics and stories). But after having baby #4? Judah may have cured me from wanting to bring forth more fruit from this womb. Not because of his personality or anything like that, by any means! I'm just so extremely busy that I'm typing this at 12:24AM because it took so long for him to go to bed tonight, then I had to finish packaging up jewelry orders and then edit some pictures I took for my online shop...

Of course if I did get pregnant again they'd be welcomed with open arms but there are no plans for more bio-babies (as I call them) in the near future. Although Abigail did come up to me tonight and said, while giggling, "Jesus give my mom a baby girl in her tummy!" And then she told me, very seriously, "He said He was going to do it!" Well... maybe He'll give us a baby girl through the act of adoption. ;-)

My Thoughts on the Bahamas
YES PLEASE! Sans kids. Not because I don't love them nor because I don't want to spend time with them. But because I want to sleep in and lay on a beach without keeping an eye out for pervs looking at my kids and making sure they don't eat sand or drown (the kids for that last bit, not the pervs).

My Thoughts on the CAPPA Conference 2012
I was excited to be part of the conference in a unique way - as a vendor! I bought a table and sold my stamped and wire-wrapped jewelry. It was a big hit and I got to meet so many wonderful ladies. One reason I was able to go was that it was right here in KC so the drive was like 10-15 minutes. I'd go home to breastfeed Judah during the times the ladies were in session. Nothing official but the CEO wants to speak with me about creating jewelry specifically for their site, too. The next conference is near my anniversary and is in Florida so I'm really wanting to go. BUT I want to go to that conference as an attendee, not a jeweler. I am so excited to pursue certification in Childbirth Ed.

*CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association trains women and men to become labor and postpartum doulas, lactation educators, childbirth educators, etc.

My Thoughts on Going to Sleep Right Now
Good-night, sleep tight and don't let the pesky bed bugs bite!

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Elvira said...

That's so awesome that you're doing homeschooling! I can't wait for Chloe to be old enough. We are going to try it and see how it goes. I just love the flexibility aspect of it. We have this huge basement downstairs that is fully finished that would be perfect for a classroom. (if we're at this house still)

I think you guys are going to have so much fun!

We are also looking into getting a second vehicle for us. It's so hard with just the one. I get so bored and lonely being here by myself. Chloe can't talk back lol