Sunday, July 29, 2012

Catching up!

As a mom of four I get a lot of comments in public. Some are very nice, some are weird, some downright give me the creeps and some just rude. I was in the grocery store with all four of the kiddos this week when an enormously tall black man says "WHOA!" I startled, engrossed in reading food labels, when he added "You are BLESSED!" Made me smile! That is a new one and definitely a more welcome comment to the "My, your hands are full" sneer.

Judah-boy loves food. He is a foodie. He skipped the jarred junk and went straight to table foods. We started slow, with things he could mash with his gums. I only introduced foods because of his interest and since he could stomach it we felt fine giving him food. He now eats every meal and whines if anyone has food but him! We started with fresh banana and avocado and other soft, soft fruits. Here he is enjoying his first spaghetti meal recently and he loved it! He might be a pasta-boy like his Daddy (me??? Not a huge Italian food lover).

Daniel and I got goofy on the fourth of July! This is a normal picture. The other ones I looked like a zombie about ready to eat his face off and he was cross-eyed. Oh the fun!

A couple months ago (I forget when exactly) I began putting Judah in his bed for bedtime. Cosleeping is great... for a period of time. Then it is time to move on out before someone falls out of bed (yikes!). From the first night of sleeping in his own crib we all finally got good, uninterrupted sleep! Yup, he slept through the night. The only nights he may wake me up is when he's teething hardcore.

Judah is 10-months-old now. He has been crawling for some time now and gets into everything. He loves to "drum" on everything, too! He says "Buh" for bye, "Nuh" for no and just screams for food when I put him in his highchair. He, of course, says Mama and Dada and a whole string of unintelligible, but oh so adorable, words and sounds. He tries to talk on the phone by putting it up to his face. He pulls blankets (or shirts or bags or whatever he can find) up to his face to play Peek-a-Boo. He loves to clap when I say "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" and waves bye-bye, too. The best part is when I tell him "Say 'bye-bye'" and he looks at the front door while waving!

He does so many other amazing and wonderful things. I have no idea how much he weighs since I do not take him to the doctor but he's a big boy. He's 10-months but has been wearing 12M clothing since about 8 months. With all his eating I've also noticed his cloth diapers are getting snug and need one less button snapped! And he's super long! Don't know where he gets that from since his parents are shorties (okay so we have tall family members; I'm the "runt of the litter" in my family).

We're still breastfeeding, too. He's easily distracted when nursing. Just yesterday I laid down in my bed with him to nurse him real quick (he loves to lay in my bed to nurse, even if we don't snooze). He was staring off and nursing so I leaned in close and said "Boo!" to his face. He burst out laughing and spewed milk all over my face! Ahhhh gotta love it! I love his delight with the world and especially with his sisters. He's becoming a real big Daddy's Boy, too! Our girls have all been Momma's Girls. Of course Judah has his days but he's really connected with Daniel in a different way than our girls at this age.


The Mommy said...

Gosh, he's cute and getting so big! You are very blessed indeed!

Susan Sene said...

we went straight to table food too - I was able to hold her off until 10 months before she realized what we were doing at the table and wanted to join in. :)

Kaylee barely nurses any more - makes me sad. But at least she always will in the morning

*~Chelsea~* said...

He is so beautiful!!! I love reading about all of the cute things he does!!! :) :) :)

I started a new blog about Olivia. I think it's going to be good to document her growth and development. I don't want to forget anything that happens! It's going by too fast. :*(