Monday, July 23, 2012

After a long hiatus...

A blog friend of mine deleted her Facebook and is instead updating about her family via her blog more often. I am considering following suit. I'm kind of over the Facebook thing!

So loads of things have been going on, otherwise I'd probably be on here more often. Look at my Abigail girl! She's starting to look so grown up. She turned 5 in March. Elaina braided her hair. If you know Abigail IRL you know that she hates her hair to be brushed or put up or messed with. Good job Big Sis!

Several weeks ago, maybe even months ago, I began to feel that our Sam needed a companion. Not just her human companions but a canine one as well! So I began looking at dog profiles at the local shelter. As I saw the dogs I gushed to Daniel about them and made a big list of dogs to meet. However Daniel kept putting off going in and I quickly crossed off dog names as they went to other homes. Finally one weekend I came across a photo of this beautiful furball named Reno. 

Reno had a very long bio and he sounded like the perfect dog for us. He is a gentle giant, leash trained, housebroken, not too old and not too young. But he had separation anxiety. Oh the separation anxiety. It's one thing to think "My pet misses me when I'm gone" and quite another when you are told the dog has jumped through glass windows and chewed their way out of the kennel and had to have medication to control the anxiety. It is a very, very real condition and not just a label. He wasn't unruly or untrained. He just loves his people. 

 Putting the crate away in the basement... kids had to play in it first though!

Reno was placed in a foster home as the shelter caused him great stress. We arranged to meet Reno on one Sunday. Another family was meeting him first. We had to bring Sam with us (found out later we are Sam's THIRD family to adopt her; it's no wonder she flipped out when we went to the shelter to meet Reno). I prayed if he was meant for us then the other family wouldn't want him. The other family wasn't prepared for Reno's separation issues. And I feel like I hit the jackpot.

Reno is an amazing dog. The most he does when we leave now is bark and pant. Daniel has gone to check on him only to find Reno snoozing on the couch. No little doggy "presents" and nothing chewed up when we're gone! He does great. I think having Sam helps. Sam is my German Shepherd/Chinese Shar-Pei mix. Reno is an Australian Cattledog mix. He's stunning and I sometimes cannot believe he's ours! He loves to lay on my lap and bury his face under my legs and have his tummy rubbed. He definitely loves his people! His foster mom (also a dog trainer) cautioned we never use a crate with him because of his anxiety (we don't use it anyway; our animals roam free) and I'm home almost all day, everyday whereas his previous people would lock him up while they went to work.

Enough about the furbabies! Here's my real baby and he's sporting one of his outfits from Wittlebee. Set your kids' clothes on auto-pilot. Fill out a profile on your style preferences and get a box of surprise clothes every month! How fun is that. Click on the company name to be taken to the site AND get $10 off your first box!

Getting so big! Judah is pulling up on furniture and walking along furniture. He's such a spunky little dude! He cracks me up. It's already almost 3AM here so I have to go. My eyes are starting to cross. Hopefully I'll blog more soon!


The Mommy said...

The kids are beautiful and just getting so big and your furbabies are adorable too!!

Elvira said...

glad you're back on here! I've been really thinking about deleting my facebook too but I have all those crazy stalkers and I know they read my blog lol.

Love this post!

I'm so jelaous of you that your dogs are well behaved. Mila is insane. She bites and chews everything. She has soooo much energy. I can never have Chloe down on the ground at the same time as Mila because she just uses her as a toy or Chloe wants to pull on her ears, tail, etc.

I think I'm going insane little by little :)

Kassy said...

Cute dogs and adorable kids!! I need to check out the monthly box of clothes thing. Sounds like a great idea!

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

@Elvira - we've had puppies in the past and it was so hard! I definitely sympathize. Adopting older dogs has been amazing. I was bit by a German Shepherd on the leg when I was a kid so large dogs make me nervous. But I ended up with a medium-sized dog (Sam) and a large dog (Reno - he's seriously like a bear, especially when he swipes his paw at me to get my attention!). LOL! I looked at so many dog profiles each time we adopted the two dogs we do have now to make sure we'd all mesh well.

They're not perfect. Reno likes to grab this one stuffed toy and tore a hole in it when he and Sam were playing. They play fight under my dining table and about flip the table over. They scratch the back door when they want back in, etc. So they're not perfect little angels but definitely manageable! Mila will grow out of it all, as you know. The chewing is totally normal for her age, as annoying as it is.

Sammy used to be my dog (the one Amie is taking care of). Didn't know if you knew that!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

great news on the dogs! And love little Judah's clothes and cute little self. The girls are getting so big too!

Susan Sene said...

You can always suspend your Facebook account - and even when you choose permanently delete, you have 14 days to change your mind. ;)

I commend you for adopting another dog. Suka literally used to be my BABY but now she just annoys me most of the time - and she's a REALLY good dog!! :)

Glad you updated on what's going on - I've missed knowing what's you have been doing!!