Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Okay so I was totally going to post about our summer so far... and all my photos are on the laptop (I'm on the desktop). Phooey! Well here are the photos I DO have uploaded! Judah is almost 9-months-old. He's getting into everything. It's so fun to see how much more physical he is than the girls were, like loving being thrown in the air at a much younger age than my cautious girls. He's starting to fling himself backward when I hold him so he can hang upside down. His new venture is pulling up on things, trying to stand. He gets a new bump or bruise every week it seems from all his exploring!

Happy Father's Day to Daddy! 

Such a cheeser! He has one little tooth (that hurts like the dickens when he's nursing and decides to bite down!) and the second middle, bottom tooth is refusing to make a debut! 

Judah is sleeping through the night now (err finally!) and is in his own crib for his safety and my sanity. I love, love, love cosleeping but, for me, there comes a time when everyone feels better in their own space. That time came for us and we're all sleeping much better now. In fact he will only sleep through the night in his crib. Being next to me wakes him up and he thinks it's time to nurse through the night (and it is not).

I don't take Judah to well visits because we aren't doing vaccinations, at least not at this time. Not until either party of the huge vaccine debate can give me conclusive and straight-forward information. I know some details of why I wouldn't choose certain vaccines (the ones that use aborted fetal tissue; not cool with me) of course. But then some data is so inconclusive or confusing. Anyway I mention that because I have no idea how much Judah weighs! Last time we weighed him I believe he was 20 lbs at 6-months. He's almost 9-months now but slimming down from being so active and crawling everywhere.

The boy also loves food. We don't do baby food. He will eat whatever we're eating so long as he can gum it. He will scream at me until I give him a nibble of what we're eating. He loves Cheerios and bananas and crackers. He's tried Sloppy Joe meat and chicken and pizza and fries. He loves bean and cheese burritos.

One time I was eating something and I was holding him on one hip. He stuck out his tongue and lunged toward my face and just started licking my entire face trying to get at whatever nummies I had just put in my mouth! I was laughing hysterically because he was just so innocent and curious and had the sweetest expression... and it tickled! Goodness do I love him!

Updates on the girlies - summer fun has begun! We've been trying to stay active and busy in the sense that we're not cooped up all day. If the weather is right we're trying to get outside, even if it is our own backyard. I bought a hose (a crappy one that I'm taking back! It kinks up so badly!) and a lawn sprinkler so the girls are having a blast doing that and I don't fear anyone is going to drown.

Another big update! We added to our family!

We rescued our dog, Sam, from a shelter two years ago. We decided to get another rescue dog. This is Reno, an Australian Cattle Dog/Mix. He's a redhead with white spots. He's a big boy and a big baby! He has severe separation anxiety and has been through four families in his 3 short years. So far he's been an angel with us but then again I am home with him all day; I believe his other families were working families that crated him all day which was really bad for him. Some dogs just shouldn't and cannot be crated. His "foster mom" who is also a trainer insisted that he never be crated. No problem with us! We let our pups freely roam the house.

Hope your summer is going well!


The Mommy said...

I love the big updates!
My favorite thing is that Judah like bean and cheese burritos!!

Susan Sene said...

We do the same - Kaylee just started on solids and pretty much gets whatever we are eating that she can safely gum. :)

I didn't vaccinate Kaylee either. I did all the normal ones with Ri and she was fine. But since being a learner of everything birth, it's spread into other areas - vaccines being one of them. And after reading Dr. Sears "The Vaccine Book", I decided we wouldn't do any. Maybe we will later. I'm not sure. But the way I looked at it was I can't take back what's already been put in their lil bodies. But I can always do it later. (not to mention, she's breastfed and not in daycare and we have good nutrition to rely on too). :)