Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum

Okay so I've narrowed down the curriculum a little better and it is nothing like in my previous post, of course! A lot more research later and this is what we're doing (I'm not listing the supplemental stuff; just the main books we'll be using):

Handwriting - D'Nealian
Bible Study - Rod and Staff (found on
Science - Apologia (I ended up getting Botany and Zoology 2 in the classifieds)
Math - Singapore Math (another classifieds find)
History - Mystery of History (borrowed)

Any recommendations on grammar/spelling/writing for grade K and grade 2 that you absolutely love? I would love a fun curriculum that makes grammar interesting. I'm struggling with the language arts bit because it is the most important part of schooling to establish good reading and writing skills and there is so much complexity and so much out there.

Our school will be predominantly curriculum-based starting out. I was a publicly schooled child and textbooks are what I know. But we're going to shake things up with a healthy mix of experiments, physical activity, unorganized play, etc. of course. I believe in balance in most everything. We'll have classical study, Montessori-type moments, unit studies, crafts, etc. And most importantly we'll be testing and feeling what will work best for us. I'm excited and nervous to start out!