Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Abigail, you are my sweet little encourager. I cannot believe you are five-years-old now. Five years ago I held this chubby, round-faced baby and couldn't believe she was mine! Your eyes are as dark as chocolate and your once-curly hair is now mostly straight with a little bit of wave. You still have round cheeks but they're starting to slim out as you grow into an older child.

Mommy loves you! I love how you come to me, when you know I'm angry, and you pat my hair, tell me I'm beautiful and giggle. You cheer the hurting soul with your love! And of course you do this whether someone is upset or not. You're not afraid to point out the beautiful, the wonderful and make sure they know it.

You have a very unique sense of fashion - and I love that about you. Don't ever change! But do, please, be modest as you grow, young daughter. And yes, my daughters wore this to church. I love (safe) self expression!

You are such a goof and your laugh is contagious! Your voice is soft and sweet, like a pixie or princess.

You hate your hair being messed with, hate being woken up, hate vegetables (hey, we're working on it!) but you love chocolate (gee, wonder who you get that from) and you love PURPLE. You are such a girly-girl. If it sparkles, if it is a girly color, if it is a unicorn or rainbow, if it is a skirt or snazzy pair of shoes - you're ALL over it!

Like I said - rainbows and purple! your smile is absolutely beautiful!

Your fourth year was full of many firsts - you started preschool, you got a brother, you learned to write your name... you are growing oh-so-fast my little one!

You are one of many daughters but you are special, unique and confident. You are not lost amongst the others. Do not lose the precious values that make you who you are. Do not stop being inquisitive, being loving and nurturing, do not stop being an encouragement to the hurting, do not stop being outspoken and wearing your outrageously awesome outfits. There is not another Abigail in the world, not one like you. And you do not need to change who you are for anyone. You are perfect as you are. 

Happy 5th Birthday, Abby!

Love, Mommy

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The Mommy said...

She is not the little baby that she was when I first stumbled upon your blog! I hope that she LOVES being 5!