Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Going back to school!

Okay so it's technically not school but I am going to be getting some training. Before I got pregnant with Judah I was eyeballing the CAPPA website (Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association) and fantasizing about attending births. Now that he's here and 4-months old (see pics at the end!) I'm more serious about beginning the training. I'm so fortunate that trainings happen right here, where I live, so no traveling or doing most of the work via DVD. In fact I've gotten to meet two board members of CAPPA and communicate with them on Facebook often.They're both Christians, too.

Ladies........ I'm going to become a doula! Specifically a postpartum doula as I cannot be a labor doula and attend births at the drop of a hat just yet. As a PP doula I can schedule visits with families so it is more ideal. I really want to support military families whose husbands are deployed, families giving up their baby through adoption and even stillbirth, as well as anyone in between. Postpartum doulas take care of the family after the birth with baby care, lactation education and also the mental/emotional state of the mother. There are many benefits to having a doula which I found to be best outlined at Birth Faith.

Doulas are not medical professionals. They're more like a guiding hand and they are not just there for the mom. Think back to the day when you brought your firstborn home and how you were anxious, nervous and thought you were doing it all wrong. The PP doula is that calm during the storm. We provide insight but never tell families what to do. It's almost like being a personal friend and birth/newborn encyclopedia at the same time. We provide information and the families take that information to make informed choices.

Part of my training will include lactation education (NOT a lactation consultant but I might work on that one later; trainings are several hundreds of dollars so I can't do it all at once). I do want to become a labor doula when my kids are older. Childbirth educator is also on my list of trainings to attend. In fact I'm kind of torn between childbirth education and the PP doula as my first training; I have to pick one.

When I was a child I always said that I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up... and a teacher. I just didn't know at the time that educating women on birth options was going to be the way I'd go. Amazing how we truly grow into ourselves as time goes on and we develop passion.

And now... Judah's 4-month photos!!!

His cute owl hat!

Always sucking and chomping on his fingers

Almost as big as his 2-year-old sister!

Chunky monkey!

He looks most like Elaina's baby pics!

I love how he holds his hands all the time!


"Yeah, I know I'm cute!"

Cutie patootie!

 Busting at the seams!

Sweetest wittle face!!!

Nonna made the blanket; his middle name is Isaac which means Laughter

"You don't say!"

Just a happy pic of the happy boy!


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness, he is SO cute!!! Love his expressions! We had that same little brother outfit. :) That sounds awesome about the doula stuff. I think you will be great at that! Anyhow, he is definitely a cutie patootie!

The Mommy said...

He is PRECIOUS! He looks so happy and lovable!
Congratulations on fulfilling your dreams. I know that you are passionate about this and will be an awesome resource for women/families.

Susan Sene said...

YAY!!! How do you officially become a Childbirth Educator??? I have the same thoughts. I am very passionate about it and would LOVE to be a doula but I can't attend a birth for who knows how long at the drop of a hat at this point in my life.

Kaye said...

He is absolutely a DARLING! And of course the girls are too. =)

I love that you are moving forward with the PP doula route. I think it is perfect for you. Awesome that you have found a niche where you can do what you love! So excited for you!!!!

Elvira said...

How cute! I like your new background, I just changed mine and it reminds me of yours!