Saturday, January 7, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Right at this very moment Judah is laying on the Boppy in my lap. I have a burb cloth rolled under my breast to hold it at just the right spot for him and he's happily (and sleepily) nursing away. Baby is BIG. He wears 9-month clothing and he's only 3-months-old.  I don't know how much he weighs right now but he was 13 lbs about a month ago. My mom-in-law constantly teases that I feed him buttermilk because he's so big. Just check out this nekid baby:

Even his rolls have rolls!

Judah loves ...
-Itsy Bitsy Spider
-Um, TV. Truly his father's child!
-To suckle on his first and middle fingers instead of thumb!
-Sleep! He can nap all day and still sleep at night. We cosleep and I nurse him while we sleep so that might be why... best of both worlds! My only complaint is I feel super stiff when I wake up from not moving all night.
-To spit and blow bubbles. He almost always has bubbles all over his mouth. He can cover his entire top with drool if I forget a bib.
-Grabbing toys. He's been trying for a month but just this week he's gotten really good at it! 
-MOMMY (and Daddy and sisters, too, of course)

I love the way he loves me. When Judah sees me nothing else seems to matter and he just stares, his eyes roving over my face. Judah is easy to calm. Usually I just talk softly to him and croon to him and he'll go from crying to "telling me all about it" in his little baby whines to tearfully laughing. He has the cutest pout ever! This is the first thing I've noticed most about having a boy after so many girls - how much easier he is to calm down. My girls would (and still do) carry on even long after being consoled.

 "This bath is so wonderful, Mom!"

He has been very, very vocal! I didn't expect that he would be considering all my children have been vocal. I just assumed I finally drew the "quiet" straw but it is not to be. And I love it! He squeals, spits, yells, jabbers and coos. He has his quiet moments when he's intent on trying to grab a toy, which is another skill he's quickly picked up. He loves music and singing. I think he'll be musically inclined, like his dad! (Right now he's moved to his play mat and is yelling at the toys dangling down.) He can hit very, very high notes! Sometimes I call him my little Velociraptor because he sounds like the ones in Jurassic Park.

A few weeks ago I learned Judah is ticklish! His whole body tenses up and he lets out what appear to be uncontrollable laughs and he makes this face like, "How am I making these sounds?!" He also raises his eyebrows when something interests him.

Mmmm... fists!

What Judah is NOT doing is rolling over. He is absolutely and totally content to lay there and stare at his mobile, toys, etc. He can roll to his sides; he just chooses not to do it. And I'm fine with that. I've already got one rambunctious 2-year-old who gets into everything. I can wait a little longer for this little guy to start running around!

Cloth Rocks!

Still cloth-diapering and still loving it. Above he is wearing his new diaper from Wild Mountain Mommies. I did a trade with her; jewelry for diapers! I can get used to that!!! Her diapers are extremely well-made (she makes them herself) and are one of my favorite brands. I only have a few favorites - Blueberry, Sunbaby, Kawaii (especially their nighttime/bamboo ones) and Wild Mountain Mommies. I don't care for Fuzzi Bunz, Diaper Rite and many others that I've tried.


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness, he is SO adorable! I am loving his rolls!! So cute! Matthew weighed almost 12 at his appt. last week (2 mos), but he doesn't have rolls like that yet. How precious!

We are cosleeping now mostly, because he just sleeps better. He's almost outgrown his bassinet. We have to move the girls around and they will have to share a room, before I can decorate a room for Matthew. I'm not sure if I should even buy him a crib? I doubt he'll ever sleep in it. Ha!

The Mommy said...

I cannot believe how big he's getting! He is absolutely adorable.

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness - those little legs are just nom nom nommy!

He is so precious!

The Wife said...

He's so big and cute! Reminds me of when GV was a little tubby guy. We do gdiapers but I haven't gotten the courage up to do full on cloth.

Susan Sene said...

Holy Rolls - he IS chunky! I LOVE it! Ri didn't weigh that much but she had rolls on her rolls too. Haha! KayK, not so much. :) As I read things he was doing, I was thinking "KayK does that too!" suck her middle fingers and blow bubbles. Awww I love this stage. I mean, I guess I love every stage. :) And I don't care for Fuzzi Bunz either. I've never heard of the other cloth brands you mentioned. Perhaps I shall check them out!

Kahla said...

Oh my, he is adorable! I <3 chunky babies!

Adrienne said...

He is precious!! I love his rolls! :)