Tuesday, August 23, 2011

36 weeks - The Homestretch

Okay so I think I was actually 34-35 weeks in this picture but you get the idea! I'm a petite lady with a big ol' baby belly.

So I'm 36-week tomorrow (Wed)!!! I'm finally in the last month. I can't believe it. I feel like time has just flown by. His room is almost done! I'm waiting for my mom-in-law to get back from her vacation to help me hang the wall decor and then we're done. She's great at hanging things and I am not.

Okay so there's also been a change of plan in the birth front. We've gone back-and-forth and have been all over the place. Originally we were with midwives at the hospital but we decided an out-of-hospital birth is what would be appropriate for us. So we switched to a birth center but that center ended up closing after I had one prenatal visit with them. From there I was at a loss. I searched for midwives, including home birth midwives and I found an affordable one after others telling me they wanted hundreds of dollars or were booked for the month I was due.

Well affordable doesn't always mean it's going to be the right fit. Last you heard I was going to have a home birth with this midwife but things happened that made both Daniel and I very uncomfortable.

Vague enough?

I don't really want to say anything specific but I will just say that our philosophies and beliefs didn't line up and we didn't feel comfortable having her in our home and on one of the most important day of our lives.

So from there I realize that the midwife I originally wanted back when we were at the other birth center (she founded that birth center but a different midwife had taken over; she was no longer there) had founded and was opening a new birth center. She's also a Christian and a missionary midwife. Cue excited shrieking!

I'm with the midwife I had wanted earlier in my pregnancy and while it isn't going to be a home birth I know that a birth center is a great alternative. She even wrote a book recently and a percentage of sales helps to improve maternity conditions in other countries. You can buy her book All Babies are Born if you click on the title.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Officially Crib-Free!

Zoë is now out of the crib totally! Two days ago we finished setting up her new room. We all stood around her bed for family prayer and good-nights. Zoë excitedly sat on her bed, flanked on each side by her big sisters. But the moment she realized big sisters weren't going to be joining her she got scared and upset.

I felt so bad for her! She kept whispering, "Lana, Lana" for Elaina and when she realized Elaina wasn't coming back downstairs for her she started to fervently whisper to me, "Downstairs, pwease, Mommy! Pwease!" She just didn't want to be left alone... and because her big sisters have shared a room she feels left out.

So I put her in the crib that night. It was too overwhelming for her. I decided to try naptime the next day (yesterday) and she was still upset and managed to get the door open AND come downstairs to find me so back up we went. Second time was a charm and she stayed in her room and the bed for her nap! I think it being daylight and not so dark helped put away some tension and fears about the new room. When she woke up she was SO proud of herself and excited.

Last night was Take 2 of putting her in the big bed for bedtime and she got upset a little but calmed down after maybe 2 minutes. For the past several months she had been throwing major fits at bedtime and would cry or yell for about 10-15 minutes. It didn't matter if I put her down awake or asleep. She just doesn't like being alone. It was hard on us all and I was hoping going to the new room and feeling like a big girl in the different bed would help... and it has!

First night in big girl bed - taken several minutes after she fell asleep!

Tonight was even better. She got in bed, got tucked in and stayed there, told me good-night and only got upet when I walked downstairs to grab my glass of water and paintbrush (I started baby boy's room tonight). By the time I was coming back up the stairs 30 seconds later she was quietly talking to herself to help her go to sleep.

I'm so proud of her! Surprisingly I'm not sad or emotional about it. I'm not that emotional anyway (didn't cry when Elaina went to school, didn't cry when cutting Abigail's hair for the first time, didn't cry when they were born, etc.). Or I guess I should say I respond differently than crying. I get excited and happy! I guess that's why my name is Joy. I'm excited for her to feel like such a big girl!

Those wondering - Zoë is 22-months-old. Elaina was even younger when she went to her big girl bed and I think Abigail was older.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Decorating Like CrAzY

Three little girls just had their rooms redone in order to make room for baby brother! I forgot to take "Befores" but here are the totally awesome "Afters":

Click photo to enlarge!

If you remember - our third story, AKA attic, is 'finished'. Meaning it isn't just a creepy old attic. It has carpet, trim, windows, closets, etc. It is loft-style and has a full bathroom (which is out-of-order at the moment). It is considered a two-bedroom because there are two closets on each end of the long, narrow room. It has a low ceiling, too. We just got tempered windows put in and the girls spent their first night in the new rooms last night!

The first week this month Daddy went to The Awakening with Jesus Culture, Reinhard Bonnke, etc. in Chicago. While he was gone I had the big girls camp out in my room with me so I could clear out their shared room on the second floor and begin painting the room for Zoë. I couldn't have them sleeping in there with paint fumes! I got a pretty green for Zoë's room but it ended up being too bright in her already bright room so I toned it down by mixing in some off-white paint I had on hand.

I managed to get the entire room painted (her ceiling is high!) while Daddy was gone. Last night he and his dad took Abigail's half of the bunk bed to the third story and Zoë kept Elaina's half of the bunk set because it already had rails on it. Elaina inherited her parents old mattress from when we were first married and had kept as a guest bed.

Elaina's Room - Found her night stand and comforter at Walmart. Her dresser was found at a local antique mall and I painted it all black and the knobs pink. Her curtains were plain sheers that Nonna turned into something more fUn and FuNkY by creating a valance with some of the extra length and adding two lines of hot pink yarn! She actually has three windows that are different heights but we hung the curtain high enough to cover them all and almost the entire wall! Still have wall art to put up.

Abigail's Room - Comforter, curtain rod, curtains, bean bag chair and night stand are from Walmart. The curtains I had bought on clearance for like $2 a few years ago and I happened to find them while going through boxes I had stored in their attic room. It fueled the idea to do teal with her purple room! Her dresser is white with teal drawers and her desk is teal with purple drawers. They're not in the pictures.

Zoë's Room - Her nursery had three green walls and one pink wall. The green wasn't as pretty as this new shade in her new room, though. This is definitely more feminine and soft. I really didn't change anything else. My sister-in-law gave me the awesome mirror sitting on the dresser top. I painted the dresser before Zoë was born.

Baby Boy's Room - ??? You'll just have to wait and see! My hope is to get started this week. Time is ticking and I want to get it done before he arrives and I'm too tired to see or think straight.