Saturday, November 12, 2011

Come in and get your baby fix!

Judah is 6-weeks-old! I had my post partum appointment this week and took him along. My midwife asked how much he weighed now and I told her I didn't know so she went and weighed him... he is a whopping 13 lbs 4 oz! At 6 weeks! 
Chunky Monkey

Judah's awesome handmade shoes from Me and Reekie!

He loves to sit at the table with us!

The Four Musketeers

My beautiful kids!

Enough already, Mom!

Got some more cloth goodies in the mail the other day! You know you want to try cloth... look at how cute the diapers are!

Showing off his new robot-print diaper!

Some skin-to-skin in the Moby Wrap.

Rock on, Judah. Rock on!

He loves, loves, loves baths! He is so peaceful and content sitting in the warm water. For now... LOL! There will come a day he will act out in boyish ways.

My punkin' boy!

Zoƫ was upset she wasn't sitting right next to Judah. Judah looks like he's looking at her like, "It's going to be okay!"

War paint!!! This is what big sisters do to little sisters. She is roaring at me. Her roar sounds like, "Hiyaaaaaaah"! (Notice her cloth diaper; so cute!)

I'm so so so going to use this picture at her baby shower when she's having her own baby. I got lots of different shots and expressions. She was just walking around the house holding her belly (it's her favorite teddy bear under there)! Check out Abigail's awesome outfit in the background; my eccentric happy-go-lucky girl!


Susan Sene said...

You get the cutest pictures! I love the one of all 4 kids' heads lying down together. And the one of Zoe lookin all pregnant...adorable! She's standing EXACTLY how she should too! Haha!!

Oh, and fluffy mail is the BEST! :)

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The Mommy said...

Oh my! Judah is beautiful and looks so squishy and sweet. I think he looks so much like Zoe while I think the older girls favor each other so much,
They are all just precious!

BrandiH said...

There is just way too much cuteness in this post!

Kristin said...

What a cutie!!

Kaye said...

I have no idea how I missed this post and all of the pictures! They are all awesome that I can't imagine choosing a favorite. I love the one of the four of them together from the head down. I love the expression on Judah's face in the Moby wrap picture and the last one of Zoe is adorable!!! You have the cutest kids!