Saturday, November 12, 2011

Come in and get your baby fix!

Judah is 6-weeks-old! I had my post partum appointment this week and took him along. My midwife asked how much he weighed now and I told her I didn't know so she went and weighed him... he is a whopping 13 lbs 4 oz! At 6 weeks! 
Chunky Monkey

Judah's awesome handmade shoes from Me and Reekie!

He loves to sit at the table with us!

The Four Musketeers

My beautiful kids!

Enough already, Mom!

Got some more cloth goodies in the mail the other day! You know you want to try cloth... look at how cute the diapers are!

Showing off his new robot-print diaper!

Some skin-to-skin in the Moby Wrap.

Rock on, Judah. Rock on!

He loves, loves, loves baths! He is so peaceful and content sitting in the warm water. For now... LOL! There will come a day he will act out in boyish ways.

My punkin' boy!

Zoƫ was upset she wasn't sitting right next to Judah. Judah looks like he's looking at her like, "It's going to be okay!"

War paint!!! This is what big sisters do to little sisters. She is roaring at me. Her roar sounds like, "Hiyaaaaaaah"! (Notice her cloth diaper; so cute!)

I'm so so so going to use this picture at her baby shower when she's having her own baby. I got lots of different shots and expressions. She was just walking around the house holding her belly (it's her favorite teddy bear under there)! Check out Abigail's awesome outfit in the background; my eccentric happy-go-lucky girl!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chiro Care for Bedwetters

Elaina got out of diapers in January 2008 at 2 1/2 years old. She was eager to learn to use the potty but we did have accidents along the way, as to be expected. Finally those accidents tapered off and were a rare occurrence. I even got her going to bed at night without a diaper.

And then it was time to start school. Months before starting preschool Elaina began peeing the bed. I chalked it up to having a new baby and a new school and just feeling overwhelmed. Those big changes can be scary to a 4-year-old! Her first day of school she barely noticed I left and she hasn't had a problem going to school even once. Her baby sister was born and she was ecstatic! So what on earth was going on..?

The past two years she has had extreme bed-wetting (sometimes multiple times a night), peeing in public, not being able to hold it, not being able to tell she has to go until the last minute. Our heads were spinning. We were good to not make a huge deal out of it except for (and I'll admit it) the occasional frustrated outburst which wasn't at her but at what might be causing her to have the problem. The doctor kept telling us it was a phase and she'd grow out of it.

Well it's not a "phase" and she hasn't grown out of it. In fact she has morphed into a child I don't recognize who is insecure and embarrassed by the wetting and lashing out in other ways. Finally her doctor referred Elaina to the children's hospital for testing, convinced she was just constipated. Except I got a note in the mail to schedule a follow-up for hypertension, not bedwetting or constipation.

Turns out that my daughter has been getting high blood pressure readings at three different clinics and no one bothered to let us know this; I happened to find out. Hypertension in children is serious and can lead to serious and even life-threatening conditions, such as heart disease. Dr. Google quickly became my enemy and I had to shut him down.

I decided enough was enough. I took Elaina to the chiropractor today. We were given a questionnaire to fill out and I asked Elaina to think about her body, from head to toe, and tell me anything that bothered her. She mentioned her right ear hurting... still. This is another issue I've been bugging her doctor about without any serious investigating as to why Elaina has pressure, pain and seemingly even hearing loss. They would check her ears and they'd "be fine". Obviously they're not a year, almost 2, later!

Okay anyway so I mention the ear problem to the chiro and come to find out - there is a spot behind your right ear that is directly connected to high blood pressure. She said she can see a hypertension person regulate their blood pressure when adjusted in that one spot. She felt Elaina's neck and behind that ear was a small bulge, like the size of a pencil eraser, that needed to be adjusted. Do you see the puzzle pieces clicking into place? A spot behind her right ear is out of alignment, causing pressure and pain in that ear and causing her to have high blood pressure which can cause bedwetting. Hmmmm... interesting!

Chiro also found her hips out of alignment, said she was constipated (she could feel it) and was able to adjust Elaina..

It may take around 6 adjustments to cure the bedwetting, maybe more or maybe less. Funny thing is that the chiro told me that after adjusting that spot on her neck, behind her ear, Elaina would be really mellow and even tired and possibly fall asleep because her elevated BP will stabilize. Well Elaina begged to go back to school after the appointment so I said, "Eh, why not?! She'll be there for two hours and then can rest at home." My child went to school and FELL ASLEEP in class and they let her sleep. And this is the first day in a long time that she really was mellow. It was amazing! It was like having my little girl back! Elaina kept exclaiming that she felt different, too.

I'm eager to share how things progress and hopefully if you have or will have this problem you'll be able to glean something from our experience.