Friday, October 7, 2011

Crazy First Couple Weeks

These first 12 days of Judah's life have kept us on our toes, to say the least! Poor guy was hospitalized when he was five days old for uncontrollable bleeding. We were there for two days and one night. The hospital was wonderful and provided me with meals and a breast pump since I was breastfeeding my son, the patient (it's a children's hospital). However the whole ordeal and the blood-clotting medication they put him on had made breastfeeding very discouraging and difficult because he was weak and the med made him feel icky.

 All boy!

I bawled my eyes out the entire two days we were at the hospital. He had an IV in each arm (they tape their arms to stiff boards) and he had vials of blood taken to check for bleeding disorders (they all came back normal, thank You Jesus!). It took five attempts over the course of an hour to get the IV's because of his little veins. He screamed and screamed. I had to leave the room twice because it took everything in me to not knock out the nurses, grab him and run. Of course I wouldn't and couldn't do that as he was in trouble and I'd rather he get help. But I couldn't stand the parts where they poked him. In fact, at discharge, they decided they wanted to get another vial of blood before we left and I put my foot down. I told them no more, he had enough (by this time he was so weak and worn out from the ordeal he was hoarse). It was something that could wait or not be done at all and that is another reason we said no.

Needless to say I didn't get pictures of him at the hospital; it was an experience I wish could be wiped from our memories. No one wants to see their baby this way. At least I could hold him, nurse him, etc. I know many babies don't get that and have to be in their beds. Or their parents just leave them at the hospital. I slept two hours total at the hospital with nothing to sleep in except a chair and I just held him.

He's very calm most of the time! This is him yesterday! We have been home 6 days since the emergency that required him to be monitored at the hospital so you can see how awesome he looks!

But things are turning around and he's been doing much better. He's nursing better and latching on absolutely wonderfully. What is going on now, though, is that he's lost a pound. He now weighs 8 lbs 2 oz and at birth he was 9 lbs 2 oz. At almost 2-weeks old he's supposed to be back at his birth weight or more. So his doctor is concerned and we're doing weight checks and I have to supplement his feedings. I nurse him and then I give him an extra 1/2 oz of pumped milk through a syringe feeding tube that he suckles off my finger.

The supplement system using tube and syringe taped to my finger. Pic taken tonight. He was sleepy and had his little fist by his face; too precious! He really loves doing this. I, however, do not!

So my baby is not sick, he does not have a disease and he actually looks absolutely fantastic (my midwife and his doctor have both said so as well as many nurses!). His doctor mentioned that babies that come in losing that much after such an ordeal look like little skeletons but he is round, chunky and happy! But we still have to get his weight back up. The goal is 1 1/2 ounces per day gained. Right now he's gaining at 1 ounce per day. Which is still really good, in my non-professional opinion!

Happy guy now!

My favorite picture from our photo-taking yesterday!

Zoë and Judah snuggling tonight! Her upper lip looks bloody but it's a scab from our walk yesterday in which she fell face-first onto the sidewalk... ouch! Then she got a runny nose and keeps rubbing it raw. Double ouch!

First bath yesterday! He absolutely loved it! Until he got out anyway...

So that is a quick update on us. Judah is my little snuggle bunny. He has been letting me sleep 3-4 hours at a time at night. He does sleep in bed with me. We spent his first week mostly in a glider or chair (my poor neck!) but now he'll lay down with me in bed for longer stretches that make it worth laying down, ha ha! I pretty much hold him all day. I am just soaking up this time. Before I know it he'll be Zoë's size, then Abigail's size... then off to elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond! It really goes by way, way too fast.

Keep praying he gains what he needs to gain, if you could! I appreciate all the prayers and support!

Post coming up on breastfeeding and how it was going and how it is going now. And a post about my post partum recovery! Yay, how thrilling!!!


The Mommy said...

I'm catching up since we have just returned from Disney World. I'm so thankful that he's okay and so chunky and happy! He looks so much like Z to me!!

Kristin said...

I bet that was so scary. Glad he's back home and doing so well. I'm sure he'll put the weight back on in no time! :)

And so it goes said...

Stopped by to catch up on your blog- wow, what a ride. So glad he is back at home. I have missed a lot!

Welcome to you new little bundle of joy. It is surreal to read your story and know we are only weeks behind you. (also a birth center birth, so loved reading your birth story.
Also just wanted to drop in and say how much I appreciated your support through my journey. even though I have been terrible at reciprocating on comments, I am so aware that I couldn't have walked this journey without this community. So even though I don't say it enough- thanks.

Kahla said...

Scary, so glad he is ok! I think he looks great and is simply precious! Will send some prayers that he's back up in his weight in no time!

Vixbil said...

Oh Joy, so thankful all is ok, babies in hospital are soooo hard but I'm so glad he is doing well now. You are all still in my prayers xxxx

Nicole said...

What a crazy ordeal! I'm glad to hear that he is doing better.

*~Chelsea~* said...

He is just beautiful, as is your whole family!!! I feel awful that you all had to go through that in the hospital but it inspires me that you put your foot down on that last vial of blood! You're such a tough cookie and a wonderful mom!!! I love looking at his pictures - he is just SO cute. I am praying he keeps gaining! *hugs*