Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Birth Playlist

I did a lot of things differently this birth than with my three previous births and one of those things was to have music while in labor. Daniel also brought his guitar but there never came a moment where he got it out to play. Having him near and close was most important. But it was still nice to have the guitar there just in case.

My husband built a playlist for me on his IPod to which I vehemently declined many songs and told him to add others, ha ha. We got $10 speakers at Walmart so I wouldn't have to have the ear buds in my ears and there'd be background noise for everyone. Here was my playlist:

1). Where You Go I Go by Brian Johnson
2). There is Nothing Like by Hillsong United
3). Drink in Deep by Jake Hamilton
4). Beautiful by Phil Wickham
5). Divine Romance by Phil Wickham
6). Already Over Pt. 2 by RED (when this one came on when I was in the water I jokingly said, "Okay it's time to be done! The singer is saying 'It's already over' so we need to be done!")
7). My Romance by Rick Pino
8). Deliver Me by David Crowder Band (another one that got giggles from everyone in the room because of the title and some of the lyrics; however after sitting in the water and listening to the lyrics I began to almost cry! Such an overwhelming, powerful situation to be in when having a baby!)
9). Coming Toward by David Crowder Band
10). Miracle Maker by Delirious? (my favorite song)
11). Driving Nails by Demon Hunter (no one understood but I love this song so even though it is a hard rock song I wanted it on my list!)
12). Dance With Me by Jesus Culture
13). Obsession by Jesus Culture
14). You Won't Relent by Jesus Culture
15). Mighty Breath of God by Jesus Culture
16). Sweetly Broken by Jeremy Riddle
17). Light Up the World by Desperation Band
18). God be Praised by Desperation Band
19). Our God Reigns by Delirious?
20). Come Away by Jesus Culture
21). My Soul Longs by Jesus Culture
22). Awakening by Hillsong United
23). Obsession by Ian McIntosh

So there was my playlist! There did come a point when I tuned out the music or it would come and go in waves. And then came a point (transition - right before you get to the pushing stage) when I did notice the music and it was way too distracting during contractions. I'm the person who has to have absolute silence in transition when having a contraction. I can't handle anyone touching me, talking to me, suggesting things - it all distracts me from trying to breathe and relax my muscles (instead of tensing up).

I remember that when a contraction would start and I'd go from dozing to moaning was when my husband would pipe up and tell me I was beautiful and doing great and like the lovely lady I am I'd say, "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ut up!" or a quick "Sh!" I feel bad but I know now that if we have another baby to remember to tell Daniel that in between contractions is the time to tell me how I'm doing, not during, ha ha! Four babies and I'm still figuring out my labor style.

Do/did you have a playlist? What do you listen to?!


The Mommy said...

I remember my midwife telling Mike that I would probably not want him touching me at some point and then I remember having to tell him THREE times to get his hands OFF OF ME!

Kristin said...

I'm getting ready to load all my faves into my iphone for delivery! I love Phil Wickham. My playlist will have lots of Leeland too.....they're my favorite! And I like JJ Heller and Kari Jobe :)