Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm late, I'm late... for a very important date! - Updated with link

Okay so I'm technically not late yet! But my due date is tomorrow with nary a labor symptom in sight. 

Check out my ExpectNet online baby pool and input your guess in regard to baby and his birth info! Once he is born and I input the correct information the game will tally up your guesses based on a point system. The person with the closest guess to baby's birth date and weight, etc. will win a special prize from me - jewelry!

I saw this over at Hope Unfolding and just had to share because it may help you in your guessing!

How long were your labors?

Elaina - 3 1/2 hours after my water was broken (I was asleep and not sure when labor started; when I woke up they broke my water and she was born shortly after).

Abigail - About 8-9 hours. Again after they decided to break my water she came quick!

Zoë - About 5 hours. My water broke at home.

How much did they weigh?
Elaina - 7 lbs 5 oz
Abigail - 8 lbs 8 oz
Zoë - 8 lbs 4 oz

How did you know you were in labor?
Elaina - felt strange after a membrane sweep my doctor had done so we went to the hospital late at night. They gave me a shot of morphine and I drifted to sleep. When I woke up they broke my water and she was born 3.5 hours later.

Abigail - Same as Elaina's story; felt strange after a membrane sweep. EXCEPT I didn't go to the hospital that night. I went to bed with regulating contractions that were 9 minutes apart. When I woke up they were closer, I showered and went to the hospital. However things slowed down because it was early labor, not active labor. I was put in bed with monitors and wasn't allowed to eat. I got very ill and threw up five times from lack of energy and lack of food/drink. By the late afternoon they broke my water and then she came really quick.

Zoë - also had a membrane sweep but didn't go into labor because of it. Had bloody show a day or two after the sweep. I knew it would be any day but wasn't feeling any contractions. I laid down one day, three days post her EDD, and my water broke! Out of nowhere I went from no signs of labor to being in labor. Contractions came quick and they came hard. I was only 3cm dilated when I got to the hospital, which was discouraging but she still came quick.

Where did you deliver?
All three were at hospitals. This time we'll be at a birth center.

Elaina and Abigail - epidurals and something that made me feel high and giggly


Who Delivered?
Technically I delivered my babies, no one else. An OB or midwife can catch your baby but you, the momma, are the one actually delivering them. I get grumpy about that word, sorry!

Elaina and Abigail - OBs were present
Zoë - midwife was present

For little man's birth I'll be at a birth center with the most amazing midwifery team. I just took a water birth class and that was really fun; got us super pumped and excited about his birth! Made it seem so much more real, too. The best part is that I will be guiding my baby out and "catching" him myself! My midwife led the class and said that when baby is crowning she'll tell the momma to reach down and put her hand over the baby's head to push into their hand and when baby's body has been born it is the mommy or daddy that will bring them up and out of the water! I got teary-eyed thinking about it, anticipating it.

Of course he may be born on "dry land" instead of the birth tub, too! Whatever happens I know it'll be magical, amazing, surreal and beautiful! And I can't wait...

There was more to the class and I think someone here left a comment asking about it. Basically she talked about what is allowable in a water birth and what is not. You must be at least 5cm dilated because if you're not in active labor already your labor will slow down. However when you are in active labor the water enveloping your belly is a natural anesthetic. It won't take all the pain but it helps alleviate it.

They also have you get out about every 90 minutes to take a potty break, get fluids, eat something if you want, etc. The birth center has a smoothie bar and full kitchen (each birth suite also has a small kitchenette). It is very important to stay nourished through labor. You don't run a marathon without eating healthfully and nutritiously and birth is no different. I'm allowed to bring my own snacks that I enjoy so I grabbed some Luna Bars (chocolate-covered coconut protein bars, *sigh*) for energy and threw in a couple cans of Ginger Ale into my birth bag.

Another thing to note - the water should never be above 100 degree F. Over that and baby could become distressed which could lead to a cascade of problems. So if you choose a water birth for your baby, whether at home or at a hospital or wherever, be sure to remember that if your nurse, doctor or midwife (or husband/partner) isn't paying attention to the water temp. I believe my water temp was WAY too hot when I got in the tub my last birth and no one was monitoring the temperature.

Okay, enough rambling. Super excited! Going to go watch New Girl with a bowl of popcorn and just relax. He'll be here before we know it!!!


The Mommy said...

Gosh, I'm excited! I just can't wait to hear your story. Prayers for you and this sweet baby boy.

Kristin said...

Loved reading your birth stories and I can't wait to read the next one! :) I pray that it will be a beautiful experience!!

Vixbil said...

Can't wait to read about your birth it is sooo exciting xx

BrandiH said...

So excited for you! Can't wait to read about your birth! I wish we had a place like that around here.

Becky said...

I am so excited!! I can't wait to see you update after he arrives :)

I had an epidural with Will but Elaina was pretty much natural except for a bit of gas. I spent most of the time getting in and out of the shower. Water really helped. I would have hopped in the bath but the doctors and nurses would let me :( Next time I will though :)

Good luck!