Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Decorating Like CrAzY

Three little girls just had their rooms redone in order to make room for baby brother! I forgot to take "Befores" but here are the totally awesome "Afters":

Click photo to enlarge!

If you remember - our third story, AKA attic, is 'finished'. Meaning it isn't just a creepy old attic. It has carpet, trim, windows, closets, etc. It is loft-style and has a full bathroom (which is out-of-order at the moment). It is considered a two-bedroom because there are two closets on each end of the long, narrow room. It has a low ceiling, too. We just got tempered windows put in and the girls spent their first night in the new rooms last night!

The first week this month Daddy went to The Awakening with Jesus Culture, Reinhard Bonnke, etc. in Chicago. While he was gone I had the big girls camp out in my room with me so I could clear out their shared room on the second floor and begin painting the room for Zoë. I couldn't have them sleeping in there with paint fumes! I got a pretty green for Zoë's room but it ended up being too bright in her already bright room so I toned it down by mixing in some off-white paint I had on hand.

I managed to get the entire room painted (her ceiling is high!) while Daddy was gone. Last night he and his dad took Abigail's half of the bunk bed to the third story and Zoë kept Elaina's half of the bunk set because it already had rails on it. Elaina inherited her parents old mattress from when we were first married and had kept as a guest bed.

Elaina's Room - Found her night stand and comforter at Walmart. Her dresser was found at a local antique mall and I painted it all black and the knobs pink. Her curtains were plain sheers that Nonna turned into something more fUn and FuNkY by creating a valance with some of the extra length and adding two lines of hot pink yarn! She actually has three windows that are different heights but we hung the curtain high enough to cover them all and almost the entire wall! Still have wall art to put up.

Abigail's Room - Comforter, curtain rod, curtains, bean bag chair and night stand are from Walmart. The curtains I had bought on clearance for like $2 a few years ago and I happened to find them while going through boxes I had stored in their attic room. It fueled the idea to do teal with her purple room! Her dresser is white with teal drawers and her desk is teal with purple drawers. They're not in the pictures.

Zoë's Room - Her nursery had three green walls and one pink wall. The green wasn't as pretty as this new shade in her new room, though. This is definitely more feminine and soft. I really didn't change anything else. My sister-in-law gave me the awesome mirror sitting on the dresser top. I painted the dresser before Zoë was born.

Baby Boy's Room - ??? You'll just have to wait and see! My hope is to get started this week. Time is ticking and I want to get it done before he arrives and I'm too tired to see or think straight.


The Mommy said...

WOW!! Everything looks great! Maggie's room is pink with a hot pink comforter and we use zebra accents. I had my mom make a little zebra print valance for her transom windows so that the early morning sun wouldn't wake her up. I can't wait to see Baby Boy's room!!!

BrandiH said...

The rooms look awesome! Want to come to my house?

Kristen said...

Those rooms look amazing! You're so creative, and I can't wait to see what you do with the baby's room!

PS - LOVE love love Jesus Culture! Kim Walker ROCKS!!!!

Becky said...

Fun, fun, fun...the rooms look so cute and girly! I don't know how you manage to do all of this that far along. You the woman!!