Thursday, July 21, 2011


Three girls in this house means lots of pink and purple! So with our first baby boy on the way I couldn't resist a few very, very boyish finds. Some of these items I have traded for which is always such a blessing for me and for the person I'm trading with!

First thing I got him was a Memory Book from Dark Rose Treasures. There's a delay in getting in and I'm excited to see how it turns out!

I also got this lovey from Dark Rose Treasures:

From Zoey's Closet I'm getting a baby wrap, similar to a Moby Wrap, except my stars will be green and blue:

Treasured Minky just shared my finished blanket on her Facebook page! I had her put "Isaac" on the blanket but we haven't decided if that will be his first name or middle name yet. Daniel and I are kind of nicely feuding over the name, ha ha! I will win!!! The blanket is black with a red minky back but it kind of looks blue here.

When I thought baby was a girl I got some totally awesome nursing pads from Moms Crafts 4 U. Here is one pair that I received:

The other day I went to Target and I found a boyish bath towel set for sale for $9! I got him some outfits that were on sale. The girls wanted me to photograph the backpacks they picked out for school so there they are, too! I can't believe school is around the corner already. Summer is flying by!

AND finally his first stuffed lovey, a sock monkey, arrived today as well as his first swaddling blankets and washcloths! The sock monkey is from Aunty Ann Designs and the blankets & washcloths are from Homespun Lullabies. The blankets are still folded up and everything came packaged so nicely! The blankets are a set of 3; one in a skull print, one in solid blue and one in a blue with dots. These are all HANDMADE! I'm blown away by the talent, truly!

There's a lot of skull/alternative patterns. Ezekiel is one of Daniel's and my favorite books of the Bible! Plus we're not exactly your cookie cutter Christians either. We like unique!

Now if only I could decide on what to do in the nursery.............. I still have a couple weeks to figure it out before I get paint! I'm thinking blue walls, keeping the trim brown and green will be one accent color. I'm kind of digging orange right now, too! So I may throw in red and orange in there. So many fun choices!


The Mommy said...

The things that you have picked out definitely say "boy"!

Kahla said...

And people say boys aren't as fun to shop for as girls... what do they know!

*~Chelsea~* said...

I love all the stuff you got! And I LOVE how you always buy from other crafters like yourself. :) How many nursing pads did you get? When we find out gender (though of course no one sees them, right?) I'll have to get some from that seller. You're off to a great start! What name does Daniel want and what name do you want? You mentioned Isaac will be somewhere and you're arguing, but who wants which? ;) You will win, as you said, haha! Until he grows a uterus, I guess. I'm awful, I know. ;) Jeremy has been hellish with girl names, but for a boy we're pretty solid on Liam for right now. We loved Arianna and now Jeremy randomly decided he doesn't like it. *shakes head* We'll probably decide in the delivery room. Haha!

Kaye said...

Great choices! Love that baby book!

Vixbil said...

I just love all your stuff xxxxx