Friday, July 8, 2011

Shocking News - Our 3D Sonogram

We had our 3D scan today! Oh it was so much fun. I know they kind of freak some people out but I absolutely love the 3D scans and getting to see my baby's face. It's amazing to glimpse into that little world, nestled within yourself.

The sonogram tech asked for baby's name and we told her "Izaria" so she input that. When the technician started we saw that baby was being a little contortionist. They were little rolled into a tight ball! We saw their sweet profile in 2D and then she went to take a look between the legs. Oh my gosh baby was not cooperating very well for us! And the umbilical cord just seemed to be in the way of everything.

Finally the technician said, "You were told a girl, huh?" My heart STOPPED and I got butterflies in my stomach. I think my vision started swimming! All I know is that it felt like an out-of-body experience. I stared at the screen and saw what looked like very swollen testicles. The tech kept looking and looking for the "turtle head" as she called it and kept exclaiming, "That cannot be labia! That is a scrotum and I can see testicles. I've been doing this for a long time and labia just isn't swollen like THAT!" Finally she found their entire genital area (I was choking down O.J. and chocolate animal crackers to get them moving)!

Izaria is no longer Izaria because baby is a BOY!

We spent a good, long time making sure baby was indeed a boy. So much time that we hardly got any face shots. The technician was laughing and having so much fun with us and kept saying she couldn't believe it and how cool it would have been to given birth thinking baby was a girl only to have a boy come out!

My mother-in-law and father-in-law came with us. MIL started jumping up and down and screaming! This particular sonogram place is in a maternity consignment store so the lady at the front desk said she could hear us and wondered if we found out baby wasn't a girl after all!

Finally we moved on to baby boy's face and he had feet, hands, umbilical cord AND placenta in his way so the face shots weren't that great. But there are a couple that I deem really good and they are below! He looks like Zoë and he very much looks like Daniel! (The weird dark line around their mouth is the umbilical cord in the way; she tried "cutting through it" with the technology so it came out a little distorted.)

So now we're back to the drawing board - names, nursery, clothes... we have nothing except for a few sleepers!

And how is Daddy feeling? He's on the moon! He is so incredibly excited! He was excited about having a girl but there's just something about a father and his son. We keep saying, "He" and "Son" and then bursting out laughing because we just can't believe it!

How am I feeling? Shocked! I don't think it has really hit me yet! For the past two months I've been planning for a girl. It's just strange to be told otherwise. But I'm glad I found out before the birth, even though that would have been the most amazing and precious thing ever! And I have had dreams of that happening.

I had my doubts baby was a girl for a variety of reasons. A few other people we knew were skeptical, too. I just kept pointing at Daniel and saying, "I told you! I told you I had reason to doubt! Mommas just know sometimes!"

How are big sisters feeling? Zoë doesn't get it; she was just excited to get a doughnut from Poppy and Nonna afterward and play with toys (place was really nice; huge room with lots of toys for kids while adults enjoyed the sonogram). Elaina and Abigail keep saying, "God answered our prayers! We asked for a brother and He finally gave us one!" Elaina immediately got the baby name book when we got home and looked through names with Daniel.

Okay just one last peek, in case you weren't convinced with the 3D shot above... Our son:


The Mommy said...

WOW! I can only imagine how blown away you were. Big Congratulations! God really gave you guys a surprise! Can't wait to hear the new name.

Becky said...

OMG How exciting!! :D

Kaye said...

I am so excited for you! How crazy would it have been to be surprised at delivery?! But how awesome now! Little girls are wonderful, but you know how great they are. Now you get to experience how wonderful little boys are too! So happy for you and very excited for Daniel as well!!!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness!!!! How crazy is that?!!! That would have been wild to give birth and it be a boy, if you hadn't had this scan. That is so exciting!! You did say that you just weren't convinced on the other one, so good thing you had this one. So neat!!

Amber @ Striving For 31 said...

Joy!!!! I am so excited for you!!! I just screamed and Josh came running. I was like, "Joy is having a boy!!!" lol... I recapped who you are and how Daniel is in ministry and you share the same history with PCOS and fertility struggles. He is excited now too! We're living vicariously through you I guess. SO happy for you guys to have a little boy to add to your pack. :) God is good!

Alyssa said...

Congrats :) I am sure it'll be exciting to have a boy in your mix!!!! :)

Susan Sene said...

Holy smoly!!!! You are the SECOND person that I've known to find out your girl was really a boy...kinda makes me a lil nervous actually because when I asked our tech how sure she was (at 18 weeks), she said, "I'm certain it's a girl now but sometimes they like to 'drop' late".

This little boy will have so many little mothers to take good care of him! How fun!!!

Kahla said...

Yep, that is a boy shot if I've ever seen one! How exciting.. congratulations!

J said...

What a blessing!! I'm so glad he is a BOY!! He is going to be loved and spoiled rotten by his big sisters! :)

BrandiH said...

OMG Congratulations!!! That's so exciting! I can't imagine how excited Daniel is!

Mel said...

Such a shocker, I cannot even imagine. How good you hadn't already gone overboard with the pink decorating!!!! I would have been HOSED if I had found out at 30 weeks!!!!!!!!

Congrats again! I bet once the shock wears off, you'll be in BLUE MODE big time. Can't wait to see what you do.