Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pain and Misery

Warning: Whiny post ahead! 

I'm in a lot of pain. All day long. Pregnancy #4 (technically #6 including my sweet angel babies) is kicking me in the rear end... and hips... and groin... and leg... and foot. I can barely walk because of my foot. My walking boot that I paid almost $100 for? It broke and thankfully I found the receipt and better get a new one this week. I hadn't been wearing it because it broke but I definitely need to keep that up because it was helping.

I went to see a chiropractor for my hip. I thought I displaced it or something with my last birth. Sweet magic hands! I have no idea what she did but my left hip feels so much better. She thinks it being out of whack could have helped to cause my Plantar Fasciitis (the foot problem that makes it almost impossible to walk). 

I also found out, and probably already mentioned this, but I have Pubic Symphysis. Basically my pubic bone is shot to you-know-where causing a lot of pain if I use my thigh muscles, such as to get into bed, to drive, to put my feet up on an ottoman, etc. She gave me an exercise to do but it makes me feel like someone has shoved a knife into my pubic bone and left it there. Ouch! 

Water birth may honestly be the only option for me at this point which is all good for me since that is what I want anyway; it will help alleviate all the pain I'm feeling during birth. Of course I'm going to keep going to the chiropractor as well to hopefully lessen or get rid of any pain that I can and get my body back in alignment. My poor body feels like it is falling apart and I'm still in my 20's. 

Izaria is so worth temporary pain. Each day I fall more and more in love with her! I still can't believe I am having another baby.  


Kristin said...

Ouch! I hope the chiropractor will be able to help you feel better. :)

The Mommy said...

I still can't believe you're having another baby either!!
I complained a lot during my 2nd pregnancy and I must say, my husband got tired of hearing it. It can be so uncomfortable/painful even though you'd gladly do it again (and again, and again) for a sweet baby.
Hope you feel better soon.
P.S. I have a friend with PF and her dr. suggested those toning tennis shoes and it has helped her tremendously.

Kahla said...

The foot pain alone is horrible, the rest on top is just miserable! Hoping you get relief soon!

Susan Sene said...

Sorry you're in so much pain. :( I hope you can find some relief soon!! You're right though...babies are totally worth all the pain and discomfort!!

Mikala said...

I had Pubic Symphsis with my second pregnancy...and I totally understand how you feel. I am SO sorry for the pain. The good news is though, once the baby was born, I almost immediately felt better! And, did I mention that she was born in about 2 hours? It would have been sooner, but the doctor couldn't get there fast enough. They think that because of my PS she just slid right out!!!! Praying for you....