Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun Summertime Ideas

This summer we're keeping our girls' brains active and ready for the upcoming school year (which starts for Elaina NEXT MONTH). My two oldest have been going to their Nonna's house once a week for homeschool to do fun projects and keep up with their alphabet, counting, name-writing, etc. My mother-in-law (Nonna) made each girl a portfolio full of fun but educational worksheets. Elaina is blazing through hers; I need to spend more time with Abigail on hers or she won't do them.

The other night a friend of ours gave the girls some glow sticks! Perfect timing because I had just seen this blog post about glow sticks at a new blog I follow called Play at Home Mom. I loved the idea of taking a bath in the dark with glow sticks in the water! So without telling my girls I covered the window in the bathroom, turned off the lights and threw in the glow sticks. They had a blast! And it was actually quite peaceful to sit in the semi-darkness (I don't leave them unattended so I got to enjoy every moment of their special bath time).

We woke up this morning to torrential rain and thunder. It was the perfect day to do a craft! Elaina has been wetting the bed still so we decided to start a chart after seeing Sid the Science Kid make one. Every night she stays dry Elaina gets a sticker for her chart. After so many stickers she gets to pick a special treat from our "Reward Jar". Except our jar was just a boring and plain Ball jar. Today we covered it in glue and tissue paper and then we took a hair tie and tied ribbons onto it. Voila - a beautifully colored mosaic jar with loads of colorful ribbon.

And the chart itself seems to be working; she stayed dry for 8 days straight but had an accident last night. I think I know why so we've made some adjustments to diet. The rewards in our jar include things like, "Go see a movie" (something we never do with the kids!), "Go to the park", "Do a craft", "Get $1.00", "Pick dinner", etc. Not all of them require money so that is good! The girls love earning stickers for their prizes. And they came up with almost all the rewards themselves.

What fun summer crafts or ideas do you have? Share them with me! I'd love more ideas!


BrandiH said...

You have just given me so many ideas! Lillian has started having accidents during the day again so I think we will make an accident free chart and she can pick prizes. Now just to figure out what to give her as prizes...

Oh and great blog you linked to. I'm definitely following that now!

The Mommy said...

We did the glow sticks in the bath a few times. It was a great treat until one unexpectedly leaked. My bathtub had a little glow for a while!!

Kaysha said...

How fun! I was planning on taking Xander into our bathroom with the left over glow sticks this weekend, but hadn't thought of putting them in the tub!