Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Name Woes

Yeah I know it's only been like three days since we found out our baby is actually a boy. But I'm stumped on a name. I thought we had it figured out before the first sonogram. Then you envision the little being you've felt the past several months and reality sets in. We're choosing HIS name that he is going to live with the rest of his life.

I have three favorites. I ran them by Daniel and he won't say one way or another what he thinks. I think the man needs time to digest this and think it all over! So I ran it by our daughters and they like two out of my three. One is pretty popular but I don't really care about the popularity or trend of a name. If that is the name we feel is best then that is the name!

Okay so MY three:

I don't think Daniel likes Ezekiel which is CRAZY to me because that is one of his favorite books of the Bible. And I love the nickname 'Zeke'. My girls didn't like that one either. So it may be one of the first two.

Of course my heart is still with the name we originally picked out 7 years ago when pregnant with Elaina but I don't think Daniel wants to put that name on "The List" of possible names. And that name is Caiden. I'll ask him again.

We do already have the middle name - Isaac.

And just to throw it out there my husband keeps asking to name him Tiger. I have NO IDEA if he's doing that to tease me but I don't like it. Especially considering the most popular Tiger in the world got caught cheating on his wife with dozens, if not a hundred, women. I'm not a fan of the name. Sorry but his name will NOT be Tiger.



The Mommy said...

Picking a name is hard work! I know you feel like you need one soon, so I hope you and the rest of the family are able to pick one out easily. Btw, I love Isaiah Isaac.

Kahla said...

Since you already have a middle name, I'd look for a first name that flows with it. Liam Isaac sounds good. so excited for ya'll!

Kristen said...

I can't imagine how hard picking a name is!!! Especially when you get a gender surprise!

I love all of your options, and especially Isaac!

Katie said...

Catching up on the excitement. I thought I had read the title wrong - congrats, sweetie! There is nothing like a hug from a momma's boy! Well, except a hug from a momma's girl, but you know what I mean! It's just fun that you'll get to experience both!

Would you use William and then have Liam be the "nickname," or would it just be Liam? We almost went with Liam instead of Will as the nickname.

Liam is my pick of your three, but obviously, my vote doesn't count! LOL! Good luck choosing. I do really like Caiden, but it is so popular these days (says the woman who named her little girl Emma - :)).

BrandiH said...

If my vote counted it would be Caiden Isaac and second is Liam Isaac

Can't wait to hear what you guys decide on!

The boys name is the only thing I'm sure on, I have no clue what I'd name a girl!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I love the way Liam Isaac sounds!

Asa has a girl in his class named Tiger. She'll be in Abby's class now too.

Mel said...

Would you be able to wait to see him to decide on the name? A lot of my friends have gone that route, that I NEVER COULD. I just couldn't. I have to have the name decided on in advance.

Tiger is AWFUL. Just awful. Surely he jests.

Let yourself stew on it for a few days. I was totally struggling with this baby and then I had a dream about it and voila. I couldn't think of any reason not to use that name from my dream. My husband agreed!

Photogrl said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations on having a BOY!!!

I'm just catching up, but I'm SUPER excited for you!

I love the name Liam...and it sounds great with with Issac.

I'm so happy for you guys!

*~Chelsea~* said...

NOW I see this post! Haha, should have started from the last one I missed and gone up. We're going with Liam, I think. GREAT choice! :) Definitely NOOOO Tiger. It's ugly and definitely represents something awful with Mr. Woods. :-/