Thursday, July 21, 2011


Three girls in this house means lots of pink and purple! So with our first baby boy on the way I couldn't resist a few very, very boyish finds. Some of these items I have traded for which is always such a blessing for me and for the person I'm trading with!

First thing I got him was a Memory Book from Dark Rose Treasures. There's a delay in getting in and I'm excited to see how it turns out!

I also got this lovey from Dark Rose Treasures:

From Zoey's Closet I'm getting a baby wrap, similar to a Moby Wrap, except my stars will be green and blue:

Treasured Minky just shared my finished blanket on her Facebook page! I had her put "Isaac" on the blanket but we haven't decided if that will be his first name or middle name yet. Daniel and I are kind of nicely feuding over the name, ha ha! I will win!!! The blanket is black with a red minky back but it kind of looks blue here.

When I thought baby was a girl I got some totally awesome nursing pads from Moms Crafts 4 U. Here is one pair that I received:

The other day I went to Target and I found a boyish bath towel set for sale for $9! I got him some outfits that were on sale. The girls wanted me to photograph the backpacks they picked out for school so there they are, too! I can't believe school is around the corner already. Summer is flying by!

AND finally his first stuffed lovey, a sock monkey, arrived today as well as his first swaddling blankets and washcloths! The sock monkey is from Aunty Ann Designs and the blankets & washcloths are from Homespun Lullabies. The blankets are still folded up and everything came packaged so nicely! The blankets are a set of 3; one in a skull print, one in solid blue and one in a blue with dots. These are all HANDMADE! I'm blown away by the talent, truly!

There's a lot of skull/alternative patterns. Ezekiel is one of Daniel's and my favorite books of the Bible! Plus we're not exactly your cookie cutter Christians either. We like unique!

Now if only I could decide on what to do in the nursery.............. I still have a couple weeks to figure it out before I get paint! I'm thinking blue walls, keeping the trim brown and green will be one accent color. I'm kind of digging orange right now, too! So I may throw in red and orange in there. So many fun choices!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This past weekend we went on a camping trip! I don't have any pictures because I didn't want to bring my camera and risk losing it, dropping it in the river or breaking it. We had a long drive to the campsite with over an hour of that drive on hilly and very twisty country roads. I started to feel ill and Zoë started fussing a lot. I had this feeling she was going to vomit and sure enough she threw up all over herself in the car. Poor little thing! She was fine as soon as we got off those roads.

We set up camp, got our swimsuits on and we were getting ready to go to the water. We were camping near a very small, shallow river. The water was clear and it was cool (ice cold in most parts!). Abigail went down to the water with an adult friend while I rushed to get the rest of our gear together. As we walk up to the water we see the worst thing a mother ever sees - her child drowning.

Our friend didn't know Abigail had followed him out into the water and the river's current was slowly taking her down river. It was a slow current and the water was so shallow (probably up to Abigail's waist in the particular spot she was in) but the rocks were slippery and even us adults had a very hard time keeping our footing.

I must stress to you - drowning is silent. There's no thrashing water, there's no gurgling or cries for help because any time the victim can get up to get air that is all they have time to do; they don't have time or the air to cry out. It is very silent, very quick and absolutely terrifying. You can't take your eyes off your kids. You can't let other people take your kids to water, even if they have their own kids.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who were walking ahead of us, ran to Abigail and saved her as we all noticed at once that she was drowning, even with other adults standing right there in the water. I ran toward the water screaming her name, as did Daniel. She didn't need resuscitation or anything serious. In fact she acted perfectly fine, didn't cry and went back to looking for river rocks. But I was shook up like I've never been shaken up before. I grabbed her and hugged her, looked her over and we sat down together in the shallow water near the shore to gather rocks. I couldn't stop shaking but I couldn't cry either. I think our reaction and redirecting her to looking for rocks helped her to not freak out. I stressed all night about dry drowning (which I had only heard about in passing but judging by that link I didn't need to freak) and checked on her constantly. A person can drown long after they are out of the water.

Our camping trip started off on very rocky ground (no pun intended) but things looked up. I started to relax after the incident. I still watched all kids like a hawk but was able to enjoy being out in nature. The river water was so cool with the weather being so hot! We saw tadpoles, minnows, crawdads and other little creatures.

The next day we went on a float ride down the river. It was a 7-mile trek. The floats are big enough to put a cooler in and several people. It was a blast! My stupid sunscreen didn't work so I got burned being in the sun for hours on end, even with several applications. Our girls LOVED the float! We had an extra oar and they'd all take turns "rowing". We had a few close calls with heavier currents and fallen trees but it was totally part of the fun and no one got hurt. We almost capsized once on a fallen log and a group of people on the shore walked out to help us get free (they broke their canoe on the same log!).  For whatever odd reason that was my favorite part - it was just really adventurous! And again, the water was shallow and kids had life vests on.

We'd get out every so often to eat and swim. The water was ICE COLD. It was so cold it hurt, ha ha! I stuck to the shore because I didn't want to freeze little guy in my belly.

As for the evenings and nights - it was so hot that I was pretty miserable and cranky. If we ever camp in the summer again there will have to be a fan or air source. It is pretty stinking hot out right now!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Name Woes

Yeah I know it's only been like three days since we found out our baby is actually a boy. But I'm stumped on a name. I thought we had it figured out before the first sonogram. Then you envision the little being you've felt the past several months and reality sets in. We're choosing HIS name that he is going to live with the rest of his life.

I have three favorites. I ran them by Daniel and he won't say one way or another what he thinks. I think the man needs time to digest this and think it all over! So I ran it by our daughters and they like two out of my three. One is pretty popular but I don't really care about the popularity or trend of a name. If that is the name we feel is best then that is the name!

Okay so MY three:

I don't think Daniel likes Ezekiel which is CRAZY to me because that is one of his favorite books of the Bible. And I love the nickname 'Zeke'. My girls didn't like that one either. So it may be one of the first two.

Of course my heart is still with the name we originally picked out 7 years ago when pregnant with Elaina but I don't think Daniel wants to put that name on "The List" of possible names. And that name is Caiden. I'll ask him again.

We do already have the middle name - Isaac.

And just to throw it out there my husband keeps asking to name him Tiger. I have NO IDEA if he's doing that to tease me but I don't like it. Especially considering the most popular Tiger in the world got caught cheating on his wife with dozens, if not a hundred, women. I'm not a fan of the name. Sorry but his name will NOT be Tiger.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh Boy!

I can't begin to explain the mad butterflies in my stomach yesterday at the sonogram. Do you ever feel like something is going to happen or that you know something but don't tell anyone for fear of being wrong? That's how it was yesterday. Daniel did NOT want to go to the sonogram, he didn't want to spend the money, he was content with thinking baby was a girl. He tried to convince me that we didn't need to do it, that the other sonogram was clearly a girl.

And I just had this feeling. I kept thinking that we're going to go and they're going to say, "Nope! They were wrong! Baby is a boy!" But I didn't say anything for fear of being proved wrong. I also didn't say anything for fear of being proved right! I mean I was in love with a baby girl, she had a name. To shake that up would shake ME up. And it has but I'm also really excited about a son.

Still convinced that I needed to be 100% certain of baby's gender and desiring to know before they were born I told Daniel I was using my own hard-earned money, printed off the directions and off we went. I think part of him wanted to know for certain, too, but he also did not want to get his hopes up. He is in love with all of his daughters but I know part of his heart still clung to the hope of a son.

My sister-in-law had the same dream/feeling that we were going to call her and tell her that baby was a boy. My sister would tell me, "Wouldn't it be crazy if you went and they found out baby was a boy after all?!"

And we have another friend whom God told we were having a son. This friend almost cried when he found out baby was a girl; not because of the gender but because his faith was shaken! He thought, "How could I have heard God wrong?!" He was absolutely and wholeheartedly convinced our baby was a boy and he refused to believe baby was a girl. He steadfastly believed our baby was a boy. He shook off the sonogram picture of what we thought was a baby girl and said, "Don't need to see it! Baby is a boy! I'll believe otherwise at the birth if baby is a girl.

Our daughters have prayed for a year-and-a-half for a brother and were still excited to learn baby was a girl but I know their own feelings about the power of prayer were shaken. It was a great teaching opportunity, don't get me wrong! Sometimes we pray for things and God seemingly doesn't answer, at least not in the way we want.

Every night Abigail would still pray, "Dear Jesus, help our baby brother to grow strong and healthy!" Some nights I would correct her and say, "Remember, baby is a girl!" Other nights I'd just grin at her childlike innocence. Apparently something in her heart just knew because she wouldn't let go of that brother!

When the sonogram tech sounded confused and asked if we were told a girl... my breath caught! I felt a little dizzy. My eyes searched and searched for what the sonogram's trained eye was seeing so much easier than I was and then I saw and I felt like time stood still! It took almost the entire time of us just trying to get a good shot of the genitals since he was all curled up and didn't want to move for us. And in that moment I thought, "Wow, I actually knew..." I literally had dreams of this happening and thought I was in a dream! I've also had dreams of giving birth and finding out baby was a boy instead of a girl.

If we hadn't gone to the 3D sonogram and hadn't needed any other sonograms this pregnancy we would have had one huge surprise at birth. I giggle to think of it! Of holding up the baby and saying, "It's not a girl... it's a boy!" and seeing the ecstatic and incredulous look on Daniel's face. That would have been sweet.

And for the record - my Intelligender test did end up being correct after all!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Shocking News - Our 3D Sonogram

We had our 3D scan today! Oh it was so much fun. I know they kind of freak some people out but I absolutely love the 3D scans and getting to see my baby's face. It's amazing to glimpse into that little world, nestled within yourself.

The sonogram tech asked for baby's name and we told her "Izaria" so she input that. When the technician started we saw that baby was being a little contortionist. They were little rolled into a tight ball! We saw their sweet profile in 2D and then she went to take a look between the legs. Oh my gosh baby was not cooperating very well for us! And the umbilical cord just seemed to be in the way of everything.

Finally the technician said, "You were told a girl, huh?" My heart STOPPED and I got butterflies in my stomach. I think my vision started swimming! All I know is that it felt like an out-of-body experience. I stared at the screen and saw what looked like very swollen testicles. The tech kept looking and looking for the "turtle head" as she called it and kept exclaiming, "That cannot be labia! That is a scrotum and I can see testicles. I've been doing this for a long time and labia just isn't swollen like THAT!" Finally she found their entire genital area (I was choking down O.J. and chocolate animal crackers to get them moving)!

Izaria is no longer Izaria because baby is a BOY!

We spent a good, long time making sure baby was indeed a boy. So much time that we hardly got any face shots. The technician was laughing and having so much fun with us and kept saying she couldn't believe it and how cool it would have been to given birth thinking baby was a girl only to have a boy come out!

My mother-in-law and father-in-law came with us. MIL started jumping up and down and screaming! This particular sonogram place is in a maternity consignment store so the lady at the front desk said she could hear us and wondered if we found out baby wasn't a girl after all!

Finally we moved on to baby boy's face and he had feet, hands, umbilical cord AND placenta in his way so the face shots weren't that great. But there are a couple that I deem really good and they are below! He looks like Zoë and he very much looks like Daniel! (The weird dark line around their mouth is the umbilical cord in the way; she tried "cutting through it" with the technology so it came out a little distorted.)

So now we're back to the drawing board - names, nursery, clothes... we have nothing except for a few sleepers!

And how is Daddy feeling? He's on the moon! He is so incredibly excited! He was excited about having a girl but there's just something about a father and his son. We keep saying, "He" and "Son" and then bursting out laughing because we just can't believe it!

How am I feeling? Shocked! I don't think it has really hit me yet! For the past two months I've been planning for a girl. It's just strange to be told otherwise. But I'm glad I found out before the birth, even though that would have been the most amazing and precious thing ever! And I have had dreams of that happening.

I had my doubts baby was a girl for a variety of reasons. A few other people we knew were skeptical, too. I just kept pointing at Daniel and saying, "I told you! I told you I had reason to doubt! Mommas just know sometimes!"

How are big sisters feeling? Zoë doesn't get it; she was just excited to get a doughnut from Poppy and Nonna afterward and play with toys (place was really nice; huge room with lots of toys for kids while adults enjoyed the sonogram). Elaina and Abigail keep saying, "God answered our prayers! We asked for a brother and He finally gave us one!" Elaina immediately got the baby name book when we got home and looked through names with Daniel.

Okay just one last peek, in case you weren't convinced with the 3D shot above... Our son:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun Summertime Ideas

This summer we're keeping our girls' brains active and ready for the upcoming school year (which starts for Elaina NEXT MONTH). My two oldest have been going to their Nonna's house once a week for homeschool to do fun projects and keep up with their alphabet, counting, name-writing, etc. My mother-in-law (Nonna) made each girl a portfolio full of fun but educational worksheets. Elaina is blazing through hers; I need to spend more time with Abigail on hers or she won't do them.

The other night a friend of ours gave the girls some glow sticks! Perfect timing because I had just seen this blog post about glow sticks at a new blog I follow called Play at Home Mom. I loved the idea of taking a bath in the dark with glow sticks in the water! So without telling my girls I covered the window in the bathroom, turned off the lights and threw in the glow sticks. They had a blast! And it was actually quite peaceful to sit in the semi-darkness (I don't leave them unattended so I got to enjoy every moment of their special bath time).

We woke up this morning to torrential rain and thunder. It was the perfect day to do a craft! Elaina has been wetting the bed still so we decided to start a chart after seeing Sid the Science Kid make one. Every night she stays dry Elaina gets a sticker for her chart. After so many stickers she gets to pick a special treat from our "Reward Jar". Except our jar was just a boring and plain Ball jar. Today we covered it in glue and tissue paper and then we took a hair tie and tied ribbons onto it. Voila - a beautifully colored mosaic jar with loads of colorful ribbon.

And the chart itself seems to be working; she stayed dry for 8 days straight but had an accident last night. I think I know why so we've made some adjustments to diet. The rewards in our jar include things like, "Go see a movie" (something we never do with the kids!), "Go to the park", "Do a craft", "Get $1.00", "Pick dinner", etc. Not all of them require money so that is good! The girls love earning stickers for their prizes. And they came up with almost all the rewards themselves.

What fun summer crafts or ideas do you have? Share them with me! I'd love more ideas!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Star Spangled Beauties

 I'll let pictures speak for themselves... actually I didn't take very many pictures and we did so much more than shown here! Ate awesome food, water balloon fight, Slip-n-Slide, sat and chat, lit some smoke bombs, adults watched True Lies while the kids watched Narnia in another room after all the sun and water!

Love this one! Zoë has the greatest, tightest hugs!

Zoë would sit for a picture but she refused to stand; so my ugly porch it is, ha ha! At least he beauties distract from it. Had their tops custom made at Mighty Sweet Designs.


Mmm... chocolate pie for dessert!

Slip-n-Slide for all sorts of fun! Kept kids distracted for quite a long time.

It started off as a nice, cool day but it got super duper hot. My husband and father-in-law decided to help me cool off. I got shot with a water gun a lot and kept hugging everyone who was soaking wet even though I was wearing regular clothes instead of a swimsuit. We went home before it got dark because I was so tired and uncomfortable and the girls needed to go to bed. They ended up not being able to sleep.

It sounded like a battlefield in my neighborhood. Those fireworks you see that your city puts on? Neighbors all around us had those fireworks and were shooting them off across the street, a few houses down, behind our house, etc. We had plenty of fireworks to watch. Surprisingly Elaina was the most scared after being the most excited. I got Zoë out of her bed to see them out the window and then took her outside with me; she started shaking like a little leaf! Poor thing! So we ended up watching the Macy's thing on TV.

I love the Fourth of July! It's my favorite holiday. I had a lot of fun, the kids had a blast and my husband was like a big kid (his idea to bring the water slide and he brought the water balloons)!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pain and Misery

Warning: Whiny post ahead! 

I'm in a lot of pain. All day long. Pregnancy #4 (technically #6 including my sweet angel babies) is kicking me in the rear end... and hips... and groin... and leg... and foot. I can barely walk because of my foot. My walking boot that I paid almost $100 for? It broke and thankfully I found the receipt and better get a new one this week. I hadn't been wearing it because it broke but I definitely need to keep that up because it was helping.

I went to see a chiropractor for my hip. I thought I displaced it or something with my last birth. Sweet magic hands! I have no idea what she did but my left hip feels so much better. She thinks it being out of whack could have helped to cause my Plantar Fasciitis (the foot problem that makes it almost impossible to walk). 

I also found out, and probably already mentioned this, but I have Pubic Symphysis. Basically my pubic bone is shot to you-know-where causing a lot of pain if I use my thigh muscles, such as to get into bed, to drive, to put my feet up on an ottoman, etc. She gave me an exercise to do but it makes me feel like someone has shoved a knife into my pubic bone and left it there. Ouch! 

Water birth may honestly be the only option for me at this point which is all good for me since that is what I want anyway; it will help alleviate all the pain I'm feeling during birth. Of course I'm going to keep going to the chiropractor as well to hopefully lessen or get rid of any pain that I can and get my body back in alignment. My poor body feels like it is falling apart and I'm still in my 20's. 

Izaria is so worth temporary pain. Each day I fall more and more in love with her! I still can't believe I am having another baby.