Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Swelling Up

The other day I noticed my left foot was swelling up (mostly on the inner part where that weird knobby bone is) but my right was fine. I kept drinking water and putting my foot up, icing it and per the advice of others drank lemonade. The swelling has gone down but darn it - I think I sprained my ankle! At first I thought it was pregnancy-related but it is only my left foot (my injured foot that I walk on funny so very possible to sprain and my ankle has hurt for awhile now). I'm so tired of the foot drama. I just want to be able to walk normal.

In other news - my birth center shut down. They just don't have money and have basically been volunteering for the past few months. They just couldn't keep the doors open. Well that sure would've been nice to know before I decided to go there. Now I'm going to try to go to the other birth center I was interested in except I might have to pay $1500 out-of-pocket in 15 weeks (read: $100 per week). Not sure what the heck I'm going to do. I just don't have that. She said she'd be willing to work with us... at that rate I may as well just plan a home birth!

Speaking of money we got contracted the guys for the windows in our third story. Yay! We had a couple different companies come out. The first gave us a crazy quote and kept adding all these fees we weren't aware of. So we gave another company a call and they told us we HAD to have, by law, tempered glass because the window is less than 18 inches from the ground. First company didn't tell us that. In the end we got more expensive windows but we're paying less than the first company's quote. Weird! Pays to have more than one estimate and not make a decision on the fly.

So yeah - windows were paid for before I knew about the birth center. Arg! But we needed them anyway. We'll figure it out. They'll work with us. But it's just really frustrating because it's the insurance not wanting to pay the "facility fee" because it is a birth center.

We're on Super Budget right now. I tried the old "only pay with cash" thing for groceries and got everything we needed for less than I usually spend AND saved $10. Of course all the money we are saving this month is getting put into our minivan that needs work (again - don't get me started on that).

On a BRIGHTER note, which we need here, my jewelry business is soaring. A few of you saw my informative post on customizing hand-stamped jewelry with me and decided to come over and make purchases. I love you for that! I really do! You're helping a family out that just really needs it right now and getting awesome jewelry as well.

On another fun note we are going on first family vacation. We're going camping! We're super excited. Any tips for camping with kids? I've gone camping before but not with children, ha ha! Anything that isn't obvious that I might not think of?


SarahM said...

I received the necklace I purchased from your etsy shop and I have to say I am in love. I bought it for a close friend who is going through a long struggle with infertility and she LOVED it and said it was just what she needed to get through their next round of IUI. Now I just have to decide on what my next purchase will be ;) Sorry to hear about the birth center. That stinks.

Susan Sene said...

Oh no! Sorry about the birthing center dilemma! Hope you can get it straightened out soon! Sounds like you have several expenses going on. Thankful you and I both know the Lord will provide and in the end, it will all work out! Way to go on saving on your groceries too!! I am a couponer (not one of those hoarding, extreme couponers like on TV, though) and I save at least half almost every time I shop!

Mel said...

We started doing cash only on groceries a few months ago and I am impressed with how much better we are. I am less inclined to pick up stuff and far more thoughtful about what I buy. It is a GOOD system. And I'm always so pleased when I have leftover money at the end of the month.

I am so sorry about your ankle. That stinks! I have constant dental drama that I can never seem to get away from, I know that feeling of just wanting to be well.

The birthing center thing stinks. I hope you can figure the other one out and get the birth experience you want. My SIL had my nephew at home with zero complications and said she'd never do it any other way. Everyone wants something different, hopefully you'll get to do what makes you most comfortable.

Becky said...

I've been swelling lately because of all the heat and humidity here in Florida. Going to be a rough Summer. :(
I completely understand about insurance. My husband just started a new job and unfortunately the insurance only covers 75% of my maternity so that's an unexpected cost for us. So fun! :( lol.
The thought of going camping with kids makes me cringe. haha But I hope you guys have fun!

Kristen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the birth center! I know how excited you were about going there. It's great that the other center is so willing to work with you on payment stuff!

Keep meaning to visit your Etsy store - I have a few purchases in mind! :-)

BrandiH said...

Sorry to hear about your birthing center.

I love your stuff! If I had some extra cash I'd be making a purchase too.

We just took out 2 year old tent camping and she LOVED it! I just made sure to bring her ride on toy and her baby and stroller and she occupied herself all weekend!

The Mommy said...

I am SO sorry to hear about the issues with the birth center. I know that you *really* liked it there. I hope that everything will work out and you'll be able to deliver in a place that pleases your heart. We are tightening our belts around here too. Trying to control our spending and save where we can. The economy right now just sucks!

Kristin said...

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