Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I'm 20 weeks and we're halfway to meeting Izaria!!! I am absolutely stoked. One fear I had before the sonogram was placenta previa. I had never had this before and I think the reason I was worried about it was because I knew having it (and it not correcting itself) could mean the end to the natural water birth I'm envisioning for this baby's birth. Placenta previa is when the placenta completely or partially covers the cervical opening and it can pose risks such as pre-term labor and there is a slight risk to baby because if the placenta detaches early (higher risk of that happening with previa) it could mean baby doesn't get oxygen. Having placenta previa is an immediate ticket to the O.R. for cesarean delivery and I thank God for the technology we have for women who do have placenta previa so their babies are born alive and well! But I must admit my relief for not having a previa.

We found out the placenta was up high and in the front. What I'm loving most this pregnancy so far is how much I can feel her so early on because it isn't immediately in front and center of my belly like with her big sisters. Movements with them were so inconsistent these earlier weeks. I feel Izaria all the time!

Zoë is starting to pat my belly and say "Baby" and she even kisses my belly. I'll ask her where the baby is and she'll pat my belly (or sometimes my breast, ha ha!). I showed the older girls birth videos online as they are interested in being at the birth and I wanted them to be prepared. Well Zoë can't stand to be left out of anything so she toddled over and watched the videos as well. I think that is when she got that babies can be in tummies because before that when I'd try to tell her about the baby it was like the lights weren't on upstairs. It just didn't make sense to her.

But now she's all about the belly. I was trying to get Zoë to say baby sister's name today and it came out "Zah-ruh". She mostly just says the sounds rather than the letters. So darn cute! When she tries to say Izzy it sounds like "Zizzzzzzy" (one long "z" sound with a vowel in there somewhere).

I'm nervous about Zoë's reaction when baby Izzy is actually here though. If her big sisters try to cuddle on my lap Zoë screams at the top of her lungs, starts crying and pushes them away. I've been trying to ignore that behavior and calmly tell her it is Elaina's turn or Abigail's turn to sit with Mommy so she gets used to others having my attention. Plus I want time with my big girls, too!

I have to remind myself that Elaina was the same way (minus older siblings to push out of the way). She was on Momma and with Momma all day and everyday. I remember fretting over how she'd react when Abigail arrived but she did great. I'm praying Zoë is ready!


The Mommy said...

How can you be halfway there already??!! This pregnancy has flown by- for me.

*~Chelsea~* said...

I'm sure Zoe will be wonderful with the baby. :) She'll probably be really fascinated and have the same reaction Elaina had. I can't wait! So happy for you guys!