Monday, April 4, 2011

Thump, thump, thump!

Somebody is IN there! I know because I felt them bump my fingers around midnight as I was falling to sleep (Saturday into Sunday). It startled me awake. Ever since I have this feeling that is hard to explain - a feeling of awareness of their being, an awareness that they're moving even if I cannot feel it from the outside. In the most basic English I feel flutterings.

Oh this is the best part! I don't know how but I have forgotten how amazing and magical this first contact with your unborn feels like. I still cannot believe I'll have a newborn at the end of this year. My master bedroom has a smaller room in it that I use for my jewelry studio and it has been overrun by baby stuff that I dragged down from our third story - bouncers, Boppy, swing and bassinet. I can't hardly get in there anymore and it is such a mess. I go through phases of the day where I'm grouchy or feeling ill so I haven't gotten around to figuring out what to do with it. Our house is Post-Victorian and they didn't know what closets were, ha ha! In all seriousness I have no closets to put this stuff in. That's why it was all laying around our third story.

Speaking of bedrooms I've painted the big girls' rooms already (except for the trim work; waiting for new windows to be put in first which should happen in about a month; consultation and measurements for windows happening this Tuesday).

Elaina's room looks exactly like the color of Pepto. We're going WILD on her side of the room. She is going to have zebra stripe accents, including a zebra stripe comforter. So I think the bright pink with black and white is going to be absolutely fabulous. Zebras are her favorite animal. I am really excited because this is going to be so fun and NEW!

Abigail's paint I actually found in the Mis-tint section for only $5 and it looks like purple orchids. Her side is going to be more whimsical with princesses and unicorns (though the latter is REALLY hard to find without it being really weird or for older people).

I love going upstairs to just look at their rooms. The purple and pink go well together (it is a loft-style so the rooms are open to each other). PICTURES TO COME when I get all the rest of my stored items out of the way.

Zoë is moving into what is currently the big girls' room on our second story. It is pink with brown trim so all I had to do was find her some sheets and a quilt (scored two sheet sets AND a quilt on sale for around $36 and shipped-to-store so no shipping charges at last night so head over there if you're in the market). She'll be moving to a twin bed and I definitely needed more sheets. I think I got the sheet sets for only $12 apiece (one set in pink gingham and the other in girly green gingham). The quilt was around $15. The rest of my costs were tax. Her room will remain shabby chic. Click the links to see what I got!e

Baby #4 will have the fourth room which is currently Zoë's room. If we're having a boy I'm painting the room green and doing an elephant theme. But if it is a girl.............. I'm ALL OUT of ideas. I've done the butterflies and flowers and everything else in-between it seems. I guess we'll cross that bridge if we even come to it. Maybe something yellow and cheerful. But again, we'll see what baby is first before I stress myself out trying to come up with ideas.

Are you doing any spring cleaning or painting? Love to hear decorating so if you blog about it leave me a comment to come check it out!


The Mommy said...

I love the quilt that you ordered. It's so pretty and girly.
Maggie's room is pepto pink with a hot pink comforter and we use zebra curtains, pillows and sheets. Her armoire is black. I love it and it think it looks really cute.
I'd love for Ellie to have purple room, but I guess we'll wait and see.

Becky said...

I've started feeling so much movement in the last few weeks. Everything starts to feel so real once you feel them moving around in there.

We're having another boy and I'm doing brown and green this time around. My husband got to choose with our first and everything was blue. And I mean EVERYTHING. lol. Green is my favorite color so I'm excited.

Good luck with decorating. I'm not good at decorating so I'm just happy if things match and look decent. haha. :)

Amy said...

Wow. Busy busy busy! I always love those first few bumps and nudges. I actually am one of those that loves being pregnant in general. I joke that I could have a million kids. I really think I could if we could afford it.

I love the girly girl stuff! With two boys, there is little pink in my world. Only what my sons are interested in. Dora is big here.

As far as decoration, I suck at it. I tend to have these gorgeous, laid out plans in my head but I can't seem to make them turn out. Oh well.

Good luck not stressing!

Kristen said...

Spring makes me want to clean and redecorate everything! I love projects! I'm currently redoing our master bedroom and bathroom, and plan to post some before and after pictures when I finish this weekend. It's coming together wonderfully and I'm so excited!

Can't wait to see pics of your finished rooms, too!