Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Put your votes to good use!

I decided it would be fun to offer a giveaway for those who vote for the correct gender. You can win one of my mustard seed necklaces (from a collection of currently created and available pieces; no customizations) if you live in the USA/Canada and vote for the correct gender!

I'll select a winner at random from the correct guesses in the coming weeks. So come on over and put your votes to good use! Click on the hyperlink below to go to the giveaway blog and enter to win. Additional entries available but the mandatory entry is to just vote BOY or GIRL.

Joy Belle Giveaway

PS As a secret additional entry leave me a comment here letting me know you voted on the poll at the top left sidebar of When Does Daddy Come Home?! Gotta give my personal followers a leg up and extra chance to win, LOL!


Twinside Out said...

I voted BOY!!! I'm so excited to see who your little one turns out to be. :)

BTW, haven't had more than a few seconds to comment lately, but just wanted to let you know I think what you're doing for Carrington is AWESOME.

Awna said...

I voted BOY! Excited for you to find out!!!

Jamie said...

Lurker here. I voted girl. Girls are great and you make pretty ones.

Meeghan said...

I voted Boy!!

Valliepoo said...

I vote boy! So far this year all my guesses have come true!