Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Siblings (for gender question)

Olive Oil asked me about the siblings on Daniel's side and my side in deciding on how she'd like to vote (gender poll on left sidebar). Daniel has two brothers and one sister (so three boys and one girl). I have three brothers and one sister (three boys, two girls).

Chelsea asked if breakouts were more common in pregnancy with boys - the answer is actually no. The old wives' tale is that when you're pregnant with a girl she will "steal your beauty" (breakouts, horrible hair, etc.). Of course I don't really believe in old wives' tales and had great, glowing skin when having my princesses.

Hope that also helps others in your voting!


Kristin said...

It will definitely be fun to see if you have a boy this time! I can't even imagine having a boy, so I've already just decided mine is another girl. I will be totally shocked, like completely shocked, if mine is a boy. I can't wait to find out about yours!

*~Chelsea~* said...

Thanks, boo! I was just wondering since you mentioned a change, but there are just a lot of hormonal changes with pregnancies. So excited for you!!!!

Olive Oil said...

Thanks for your feed back :)