Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've got feet on the brain!

Back in August '10 I was jumping around and dancing in my family room with my daughters, having a grand old time. I was also doing a workout, really hardcore, trying to lose weight. But I was doing all of this barefoot on my hardwood floors and I've been suffering serious repercussions since. I woke up the next day with the most horrible foot pain ever and I have had it all day, everyday, since then.

I finally went to a podiatrist today, 8 months after this started. I had been doing the exercises that the Internet Doc recommends, icing it, massaging, using shoe inserts, etc., etc. But after 8 months with nada changing I finally felt it was time to go in. Especially after seeing Kahla's surgery (she had the same thing!) and realizing if I didn't get something going now I might be in the O.R. soon to correct mine as well.

So I have Plantar Fasciitis - the plantar fascia ligament is inflamed and torn and causes intense, stabbing pain in your heel when you walk, especially if you've been sitting for awhile and get up. I am limping. I am walking on the balls of my feet on my left foot. In the morning when I first wake up it was the worst and I literally hobble and/or drag my leg behind me to get up to use the restroom. Trying to walk down the stairs while holding Zoë is a joke. When I'm out in public it is not as noticeable because I am wearing my shoes with inserts and I am not typically sitting for prolonged periods of time. And again I walk on the ball of my left foot trying to mask how much pain I am in.

Dr. Foot (name changed) today prescribed me a good old walking boot. It is a big black boot I strap to my foot. I honestly didn't know how this would help but it was exactly what I wanted to try because I wanted to go down the road of least intervention (other ideas included cortisone steroid injections into my foot which he didn't want to do as I'm pregnant or corrective surgery which is a last resort).

My new friend though mine is not this tall; mine goes up half-calf. And yes, it pumps with air with that blue button! So cool!

After day one of wearing the boot I can say it has helped a lot. I took it off a little while ago and already felt so much better when walking without it. However one part of the boot is digging into my calf and now causing pain there. *SIGH* Can I win? Please? Just this once! I'll call the guy I bought it from at the hospital to see what he suggests. I may just have to wear a Baby Legs on that one leg for extra padding or something.

I do have to mention that --- I FORGOT TO SHAVE before my appointment! My leg wasn't horrible but it was noticeable and I was so embarrassed. The doctor came in, shook my hand, smiled at my chest (yes, yes he did) and once he lifted up my pant leg to check out my foot (why, Doc, why did you pull my pant leg up to my knee?!) I was just mortified. Luckily he was in there like 2 minutes, suggested the walking cast thing and follow-up is in a week. And yes I'll be shaving for round 2 of visiting Dr. Foot. Not because I am out to impress anyone but for my own self-esteem darn it. And because it's just yucky! I don't want to be The Hairy Patient, ya know what I mean? I have a rep to protect. ;-Þ

P.S. My hair cut came out really cute, speaking of cutting hairs.But because I don't have a cute picture of it (hard to take a pic of your cut yourself with your arm lifted up) I leave you with a super cute picture of Zoë tonight. I told her to show me her teeth to get her to smile because she wouldn't put her cup down. She's so stinking cute... and so stinking ornery!


Kristin said...

LOL about forgetting to shave! :D Hope your foot just keeps getting better!!

Kahla said...

Hope the boot does the trick! I blinged mine out (just buy ribbon you like at the hobby store and hot glue it on and then add some rhinestones). Figured that if I'm gonna have to wear it, it's gonna look good! Praying that does the trick and you don't have to have surgery!

The Mommy said...

That IS a cute picture!! Can't wait to see a picture of you too.
I hope that your foot feels better soon. You have suffered long enough.

just me, dawn said...

ha! congrats on the 17 weeks :)
and ouch on the boot, hope it does the trick. and that is a great use of babylegs!

*~Chelsea~* said...

Hahaha! "I've got a rep to protect" - so Grease 2!

I hope your foot feels better, Joysters! Cute pic!

Becky said...

A few years ago, after a spate of home decorating projects in which I was up and down ladders for weeks painting, I came down with the same exact thing, so I feel your pain.

In seeking out a cure, I learned couple of things: for heel spurs to form, it means that calcium is depositing incorrectly, which generally means that there is a lack of magnesium, zinc and D to assist in the proper assimilation process. Magnesium is usually the culprit, as the American diet tends to be severely deficient in it. Our health food store has an entire book written about many health complaints that go away with adequate regular dietary Magnesium.

Most American diets get plenty of calcium, so it's usually just a matter of taking a magnesium supplement. It does take a while to begin to work however, and supplementing zinc and D is also beneficial. There is not enough magnesium, zinc or D in the average multivitamin.

Equally important is that you are eating lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies raw (not cooked at all)...particularly pineapple. It's got enzymes in it which help with inflamed tendon issues. Most of us don't get enough enzymes in our diets, either.

Anyway, in addition to wearing shoes with good arch supports ALL DAY LONG, after reading these things about magnesium, mine went away in about a month. The morning pain got less and less. It's very important that you keep up the changes, however, or it will come back.

Kristen said...

The shaving part made me laugh out loud! I've totally done that and it IS embarrassing!