Thursday, April 28, 2011

I know the baby's gender!

I'm going to be so mean right now. I'm sorry in advance! But I can't tell you baby's gender yet. We're sharing with Daniel's family on Sunday and then I'll let you all in on the secret. I WILL share pictures from the sonogram though (well except for the shot of their privates)! That ought to cheer you up!

First off I am not impressed with the sonogram technology at this particular place but it served its purpose. We got to see baby and got to see "the goods". But my pictures stink. We could not get a good profile because baby was face-down with their face buried into the uterus. The sonographer (who was a dude! I've never had a male sono tech before) had to practically jab the device into the side of my belly just for the shot we did get.

They had their hands up by their face almost the whole time. Cute little fists!

And they had their legs stretched out and ankles crossed when we first peeked in on them, just chilling out. Adorable! They started moving and kicking a lot toward the end.

Most importantly baby is healthy and measuring perfectly (just one day ahead by measurements)!

I found out my placenta is anterior and high. Had that with my girls, too! Though I think this time it is higher than it was with them because I definitely feel flutters down low and a lot sooner and more noticeably than I did with them. I'm hoping the placenta continues to go north as my uterus grows so I can feel movements more clearly (the placenta tends to muffle them when it is in the front like this).

Baby likes to lay on my left side I've noticed. I feel most of the flutters over there.

We've always gotten 3D sonograms when pregnant with our girls so I'm debating getting one this time. I can get it for under $100 so that's cool but we'll have to see. It's kind of become tradition.


The Mommy said...

I'm happy that the baby cooperated and of course, can't wait to hear what "it" is!!!

BrandiH said...

So glad baby cooperated! And is nice and healthy! Are you telling his family in any special way? I can't wait to hear!

Vixbil said...

So exciting, I can't wait to find out what they are