Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Carrington Necklace

First of all if you are not following Carrington's Courage I highly encourage you to get on over there. Carrington was adopted from Eastern Europe recently. When she arrived in America she went straight to the hospital because at 3-years-old she only weighed 11 lbs! That is half of what my 18-month-old weighs to give you an idea though if you click on the link to the blog you'll see for yourself. Carrington was literally on the brink of death.

Great news is that Carrington is up 3 lbs in just one month and is scheduled to have some necessary surgeries this Thursday! Please be praying for her. She has to have all of her teeth pulled (except two in order to keep her jaw from collapsing) and she will also be having some other surgeries that I believe are intestinal. I also have to mention that her personality is budding and she really appears to love books! She has come from ORPHAN to PRINCESS with people all over the world lavishing love upon this little girl who was once abandoned.

I am the creator at Joy Belle where I make hand-stamped jewelry. I recently created a piece called The Carrington in honor of this sweet girl. Right now I'm giving her family $15 of each necklace purchased to help with groceries, gasoline or medical bills that I know are piling up.

 *You can choose for yours to say "from orphan to prince" with green, blue and clear crystals instead if you have adopted or are adopting a son. That is the only customization available for The Carrington.*

IF YOU ORDERED ONE - please note that I'm working on getting them out as fast as I can. I have around 40 orders right now; I have to hand-stamp each pendant, polish it, buff it, dome it, polish it again, wire wrap every crystal and piece everything together and polish it one last time before packaging up and printing off shipping labels, etc. So it is work and I'm a one-woman show. Right now I'm out of pink jump rings and when they arrive within the next few days I'll be able to complete orders and ship them out ASAP.

IF YOU WANT TO ORDER ONE - the lovely woman that I order my absolutely amazing jump rings from has sent me double what I ordered because of this charity piece so new orders should get out much faster. If you want to order The Carrington there are two prices available and $15 of each order, irregardless if you purchase a chain or not, will go to the family until June 30th, 2011. After that date proceeds will benefit another family at Reece's Rainbow! The two prices are:

$23 - Pendant only (no chain) 
$28 - Pendant with chain 

S/H in the USA is a discount rate of $2.00 compared to my normal $2.50 rate because they are not gift-ready and I'm not charging handling fees. They will simply arrive in a plastic baggy with a business card that includes care instructions. 

International shipping is quite high so if you want a quote for shipping to your country please message me on Etsy with your country and specific region. International shipping charges go directly to shipping costs; I do not keep any of it. Links with proof of cost will be sent to you if you message me. Canadian shipping is already available at Priority pricing in the shop.

HERE IS MY SHOP - if you notice The Carrington pieces are out-of-stock (as in you don't see it near the top of items available to purchase) please message me on Etsy to let me know what you're wanting to order and I'll message you back as soon as I can with a direct link to newly available necklaces for immediate purchase.  

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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Kaye said...

Joy, I saw these go up in your shop but didn't know the story behind them. They are simply beautiful! Bless you for helping out the family this way! =)