Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break is here! And some baby choices...

My oldest is officially on spring break and I have no plans except to get her new shoes. I hope the weather stays spring-like for the break, too! I'd hate for it to turn back to cold or chilly. Any ideas for what we can do on spring break that doesn't cost anything?! Daddy doesn't have a break so it'll just be the girlies and me.

Right now I have a lot on my mind. I'll list them in bullet points. I need to get them out of my head!

1). I go back and forth with what to do in regards to my prenatal care and birth. Do I stay where I am with midwives who deliver at the hospital? Do I interview potential home birth midwives? Do I visit the two birth centers I've found (that are Christ-centered to boot!)? I like the midwives I have but I do not like the hospital.

I think I'm leaning more toward a birth center setting because I know they're Christians and when you're a person of faith that does make a difference. And Daniel can bring his guitar and sing to me which would be so lovely. AND they allow water birth (hospital does not). Daniel is not completely sold on home birth and the birth center takes the insurances I carry. This may seem like a no-brainer but I still haven't made any moves to check them out. I am still waiting for 100% support from Daniel to go and check them out.

2). Bedroom situations for the kids. We are co-sleepers, at least for the first several months. I have no idea what baby will want to do. Abigail did NOT want to bed-share and was the easy baby who never cried and slept through the night (I know... but don't get too jealous because Elaina and Zoë have made up for it, ha ha). So as it stands I have no idea if I should have a nursery prepared or if we'll just co-sleep. Part of me wants a nursery ready because that is just what I do and I like having it prepared even if they don't use it. Gender will play a HUGE role in what we decide to do. I have a few options:

          -Move Elaina and Abigail to the third story rooms (which requires replacing windows, installing some kind of heat system, etc.) and leave Zoë in her room. New baby would get the big bedroom.
          -Move Zoë into the bigger bedroom with her big sisters (more cramped) and the smaller bedroom would be for new baby.
          -Move Zoë into the big girls' room and switch Elaina to the smaller room. Baby would be in the bigger room with Abigail and Zoë.
          -Elaina and baby share a room; Abigail and Zoë share a room. Might require a trundle bed in the smaller room.

So most of that is probably confusing; it's really just for me to get it out and see it. The first option is the most ideal to me because everyone will have their own space and if another baby came along while living in this house the bigger kid bedroom could accommodate two kids easily. It's just getting windows replaced, the bathroom up there in working order and figuring out where to put the litter boxes instead as they are up there. Our third story is finished with a full bathroom and two bedrooms (no doors; more of a loft-type setting but easily two bedrooms with separate closets).

3). I had another thing but I cannot remember it for the life of me. Things are always better in threes so it drives me nuts that I can't remember, ha ha ha!

So my brain is a little fuzzy and I can't make solid plans on the second thing (bedroom issue) because I want to know the gender first. The first thing I think I just need to get the ball rolling and schedule tours/interviews. But I don't want Daniel to feel like he doesn't have a say. Arg! Time to go talk to him...


The Mommy said...

I LOVE the birth center idea! There are very few birthing centers in our area.
It's always nice to clear your mind once in a while! Good luck with all of your decisions.

Twinside Out said...

Options are good! And it sounds like you have some great ones to choose between. Best of luck for whatever you decide!

Hope you are feeling well and that your little one is behaving him/herself so far!! :)