Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the Mend

ETA - I thought I had blogged about being sick before this. I first got sick on a Thursday and by Sunday I was at the E.R. getting IV fluids. Finally better yesterday (Tuesday).

My birthday was Monday and I spent it curled up with excruciating stomach cramps and diarrhea. I was still sick. I thought I had gotten over the stomach flu but alas it came back with a vengeance just when I thought I was better. Thankfully resting all day Monday resulted in the pain going away AND scoring some pizza for dinner for my birthday. I had been eating crackers, broth and other boring food when I was able before that, for days on end. I ended up losing 6-7 lbs from this stomach flu.

The day before my birthday I was up all night long in the bathroom. So much so that I was terrified I was losing a quick battle and I ended up going to the E.R. for I.V. fluids on the recommendation of one of the midwives in my midwifery group. The fluids and anti-nausea they gave me made me feel so much better.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the first day I finally felt like myself but I did too much, too soon. I got up bright and early for an appointment, had to drop paperwork off at another building, post office, bank to cash my birthday check, lunch with the girls, Walmart, dollar store, Hobby Lobby to spend my birthday money and a party supply store to check the goodies out for Abigail's birthday. I try to get all my errands done on the same day because of gasoline; most stores are all clustered together about 30+ minutes away. But it was just too much after being so sick for several days.

By the time I got home there was one hour to unload everything before picking Elaina up from school. From there it was homework, dinner and I made the girls clean up our third story (they trashed it! They're no longer allowed to play up there until they're a bit older). By the time I got the girls in bed I was so nauseous that the mere thought of food made me want to hurl. I ended up going to bed before 8pm (if you know me IRL you know that's crazy early for me).

Before I hauled myself upstairs to bed I was laying on the couch willing myself to feel better. I turned on American Idol and had to shut it off. Some feminine guy with long, curly hair was strutting around and flipping his hair like Beyoncé. I don't mean to be mean (okay maybe I do) but I couldn't handle that. I'm sure he's a nice person but the singing was just not my thing. I didn't watch anyone else because by that point I had to go to sleep to avoid the nausea.

Daniel got home a little while later and woke me up to make sure I was alright and already the nausea was gone but I decided to continue sleeping or I'd be up the rest of the night. Too late! When Daniel came to bed I ended up tossing and turning, wide-awake, for hours.

So this was a pretty boring account of a day-in-the-life-of me. I'm just glad to not be sick anymore and to be able to eat real food!

P.S. I'm 11 weeks today!!! My little baby in my interactive ticker looks like a mini-baby now!


The Mommy said...

Goodness! I hope you are all better after so much sickness.
I cannot believe you're 11 weeks already!!

The Mommy said...

I completely forgot to wish you a belated "Happy Birthday"!

Twinside Out said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry you've been so sick. :(

11 weeks already! Yay! Grow, baby, grow!!

Susan Sene said...

So glad you're feeling better! Happy late birthday!! :) I got a stomach bug when I was early in my pregnancy and it scared me. Thankfully, I only got sick about 5 or so times and then had to recover for the next couple days. That is DEFINITELY no fun!