Friday, March 11, 2011

It's a BOY?!

I was recently sent an Intelligender kit to review and was finally able to use it this past Thursday. You can use it as early as 10 weeks but because I was taking progesterone supplements I had to wait 10 days after the last pill for a more accurate reading. Now these tests are controversial (because of gender selection) but for women like me they can be fun. They are around 90% accurate. I've had many, many women tell me that it was accurate for them with only 1-2 women saying it was inaccurate.

In the past they've been slammed as a scam and I will admit I've been a skeptic! In the end I think it's just another fun thing to do when passing the time before your sonogram. The science is interesting and with so many accurate results it definitely has its appeal.

So you pee in a cup. Then you draw up your urine in a syringe and add it to a cup that contains the crystals that react to the urine and change it a color distinguishing one gender from another. A girl result is an orange color and a boy result is a dark green color. HERE is a link to some samples.

My result? It said............ BOY!

The girl results, I've been told, are more accurate than the boy results. So it's definitely still up in the air! I'm hoping to get that gender scan the last weeks of April or the first week in May.

And I'll be giving away an Intelligender kit at Girly Girl Giveaways starting April 1st. Would make a fun "Congratulations you're pregnant" gift to a recently pregnant friend or a great little game for you if you're currently pregnant and still have time before your sonogram. Anyone can enter, pregnant or not! Follow Girly Girl Giveaways in order to know when it (and other awesome giveaways) post!

On a similar note I am over 12 weeks pregnant and today I had a prenatal visit with a midwife I haven't met before. I really liked her! We got to HEAR the heartbeat for the first time today (at my first sonogram we only saw it)!!! My heartbeat was so loud it was really hard for me to hear the baby's heartbeat. But I did hear the swish and swoosh of them moving away from the doppler. They were definitely in a lively mood. Daniel with his musical skills heard the heartbeat better than I did (musicians can just hear those quieter tones I think). This doppler didn't measure the BPMs so I don't know how fast the heart was either. So no gender guesses on that score!

Daniel and I have been thinking of baby names. Haven't come up with anything new. But we do make fun of a lot of the names we come across or their meanings. I'm pretty confident with my girl name list but still unsure about boy names. I think once we KNOW the gender I'll be more comfortable pinpointing their name.

Daniel was also recently out-of-town. He went on a missions trip and just got back the day before I took the Intelligender. The night he got back he asked me perhaps the most surprising question and one that I could only half answer...

"What are your dreams?"

I haven't thought about my dreams in a long time. And I was surprised he asked because it is out-of-character for him to ask. I think one reason for my bitterness our first year of marriage had a lot to do with sacrifice, losing my mom and dying dreams. Of course we were building new dreams! But part of me had other dreams that were put in the attic of my mind and left there until now when Daniel asked me what they are.

Every now and then I wonder what I would be doing or what I would do given the money or capabilities or just time. So I'm going to be asking myself what my dreams are these next weeks and I hope to share some concrete things and bare my soul. And I'm talking about dreams for ME, not as a wife or a mother. But as just Joy. I think it is so important to have your own dreams. While being a mother has always been a dream of mine (and a dream come true six times over now) I am definitely talking about the unfulfilled Joy dreams that I've buried away and the new ones that have crept up.

Do you have dreams? What are yours?


Kaysha said...

How fun! I hope it is accurate so you can have your little boy too! I agree, girls names are so much easier than boys names.

BTW, I love that your husband asked you that. What a great way to reconnect with each other! Have a great weekend! I've been praying for a healthy baby for you ever night!

The Mommy said...

A boy would be extra exciting!

Right now, my mind is jello, but I'm dreaming of getting a sewing machine
It's the little things, right?

Twinside Out said...

A boy!! I can't wait to see if the results are accurate. :)

I think it's wonderful that your husband asked you about your dreams. What a great conversation starter, and what a great way to promote greater intimacy as a couple.

Being a mother has always been one of my dreams, and I still can't believe that God finally allowed it to come true. I'd really love to expand our family even more, especially through adoption. I have two precious nieces and one adorable nephew who spent the first few years of their lives in a Ukranian orphanage. They all have Down's Syndrome, and didn't know what it was to be loved. My heart breaks for all the other kids who are in that situation - I'd love to bring some of them into our family!!

Susan Sene said...

I've also heard the Intelligender things are normally pretty accurate. Wow if this one is a boy he will have so many little mommies to nurture (and boss). Haha. :)

Kristen said...

Ooooh - A BOY! How fun that would be to add to your housefull of little ladies! :-)

Kristin said...

This is so neat! I am definitely entering that giveaway! LOL!