Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Renovations Coming!

This is the year we're paying off debt... and finally starting work on our kitchen. My kitchen is an eyesore. It's more than an eyesore. If there was an ugly kitchen contest it could win. It is also very oddly shaped because someone put in a huge bathroom (without green-rock; it's a special sheet-rock that prevents mildew and mold caused by moisture from the tub/shower) behind one of the counters. It looks a lot better than when we first moved in...

*twilight music taking us back in time*

It was the year 2006 when we began looking for our first house. We looked at dozens of houses; some of them we didn't even get out and just drove by because they were super creepy or the neighborhoods were bad. A few smelled so strongly of cat urine or cigarettes that I walked in and walked right back out.

And then, while on a walk one evening in my in-laws' neighborhood we passed by this Post-Victorian house. There was no sign out front but it looked deserted. I walked up to the front door and peered into the door. The house was empty! We called our Realtor and she looked it up; sure enough it was on the market but someone must have stolen the 'For Sale' sign out front.

First impression? Beautiful, real oak floors and trim. A gorgeous staircase leading upstairs to three beautifully-sized bedrooms, a little bathroom with a clawfoot tub. A finished third story that featured another full bathroom and two bedrooms. But when you ventured past the dining room you entered a house of horrors!

The kitchen had blue carpet that was soggy (?!) and stank really bad, the sink and the cupboards were rusted out (I have NO idea how anyone kept anything in them), the stove was absolutely filthy and the walls were caked with grease and spaghetti sauce (I think..?). There were dead bugs everywhere, too. The laundry room behind the kitchen smelled like cats really bad.

And yet out of all the houses we looked at this was the one that met almost all our Must-Haves. Our mortgage broker heard about the house and told us we had to get it. We put in an offer and they accepted ours! That is such a good feeling to know we were chosen.We ripped out the kitchen carpet and put in cheap cabinets, my husband and his mom put in subflooring. We got a new sink and faucet that I still absolutely love. It was good enough to get by. We could fix up the kitchen later when we had more money..................

Fast-forward five years and we still have the same stock cabinets from Home Depot and the subflooring (no tiles, no linoleum... just lauan board).

No more, friends! I have put my foot down. I have measured, designed and redesigned and priced and finally have a plan in place for our kitchen. After we pay off our credit card debt we're going to purchase one-thing-at-a-time if we have to in order to fix this up. Daniel is pretty stoked with the design I drew up though he needs to double check all my measurements (always good to measure, remeasure, measure again and have someone else do the same) and we have to visit Lowes to make sure the lazy susan we are wanting is the correct size.

After the kitchen... we're moving onto our first floor bathroom. It currently has half of its walls and a huge hole in the floor due to our demolition that we had to stop due to spinal issues for Daniel and pregnancy for me. But Daniel is fed up too and going to work through the pain and get that work going and hopefully done.

THIS LINK may show you the design I did at Lowe's but if it doesn't work it may have expired. The blank space in the back is where our backdoor and playroom are so I just left all that back there blank. AND the cabinet to the left of the black dishwasher is supposed to be the sink but it won't show the sink basin and faucet (so weird). And of course there's supposed to be a countertop covering the dishwasher. *SIGH* I don't know why it isn't showing up properly.

I may try to find a different room designer online (if you can recommend one that'd be awesome).


Kaysha said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you guys! I HATED the process of redoing ours, but absolutely love it now. I will be very sad to leave it.

BrandiH said...

That's so awesome! All of the rooms in my house are "almost" finished. Be it we ran out of $ for the trim or time before hubby had to go back to work. Not to mention all the "hidden" fixes the previous owner covered with paneling! I can't wait to hear how things progress.

And thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog!

The Mommy said...

Fortunately, we have purchased homes that were brand new and had never been lived in. Mike is NOT a home improvement guy and I have no patience and want everything done yesterday.
Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about the process and see the finished results!

Kristen said...

Can't wait to see the finished results! I love remodels!

Twinside Out said...

So much fun! We are also working on paying off our debt, so we can start saving for a larger place. Our 2-bedroom condo is getting a little too cozy for us between the two babies, two cats and the dog.

I'm excited to see pictures of the kitchen as you make progress! Good luck and have fun :)